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Spring Cycling Clothing Guide; Master the Art of Layering

How to Layer in the Spring

Spring is such an inspiring time to ride a bicycle, but sometimes the weather does not comply with our riding plans. That's why you must master the art of layering to make yourself comfortable on all your rides, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Arm Warmers:

A great place to start is arm warmers. They are easy to take off and put on and can turn your chilly short sleeve into a cozy long sleeve jersey. Just the smallest amount of coverage can drastically change how you feel on a ride, so make sure not to over-layer. If you have a little chill before the ride you'll be near-perfect when you heat up. This practice can be hard to dial in as outside conditions like the wind will make you even colder, especially if you're riding your road bike.

Wind Vest:

A wind vest(sometimes called a gilet) or a wind breaker can be just right for the weather. These garments are constructed with a wind blocker front, no insulation, and an open mesh back for breath-ability. The wind proof garments main purpose is to keep the wind away from your core and appendages which will in turn keep you warm, no insulation needed. The more packable the item is the better. Most wind breakers and vests can be stored in the middle jersey pocket with little discomfort, and are hardly noticeable in weight.

Knee Warmers:

Knee warmers are a great piece to add to your kit and can make that cold morning commute more enjoyable. These are available in windproof or regular brushed fabric and can turn your favorite pair of shorts into knickers. Keeping your knees warm will increase your joint mobility and help prevent injuries. Also, keeping the small of your calf exposed with knee warmers can aid in venting and cooling after some of the climbs you encounter.

These tips and tricks can help make your spring time riding more enjoyable. When you're better prepared for the weather, you can spend more time outside. Now go out and have some fun!