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Semi Custom Cycling Apparel Kits

What is Semi Custom? Semi Custom is the use of per-designed templates that can be customized and made original. Semi Custom puts you in the driver seat and allows you to change colors add logos and text without the hassle of come up with new designs. No Design Skill Required! You can create quality custom gear for teams, clubs, events, and more quickly and affordably. There are two options to get started with Semi Custom apparel: online and offline. Online: Aero Tech Designs Semi-Custom Design Tool is an online platform that is user friendly and fun! Offline: The Semi Custom Templates can be printed out and customized by hand. Both options are easy to use and fun to experiment! Save time, money, and know exactly what you are getting by using Aero Tech Designs' Semi Custom!

How To order

1.  Select a Template to Customize

Use the Design tool to select the desired template or browse through the various ATD Semi Custom templates below, you can select which garment to customize. Important: The Design Tool is flash based and only works on desktop. View the templates below to see what can be customized.

2.  Customize the Template

Determine were you would like your logos, text, or graphics to be placed (Please send the logo source files when finished to Select colors for the various parts of the jersey.

3.  Select Sizes and Upgrades

Determine the sizes and add-on's you wish to add. Click to download our ATD Size Chart and FAQs

4.  Submit the Kit!

When submitting the offline template, send all information on which template, the colors for the various parts, vector logos and the placements, text, and any other graphic elements to Once the completed template is received, Aero Tech will confirm, via phone or email, the design has been received.

IMPORTANT! - We will use the template from the design tool and the Semi Custom Design Templates as a Guide to create your team kits. We will create a design layout of the kit that must be approved by the customer before the start of production. We will not start production until we have the final approval on the design. So if the design tool template is not 100% correct, we will make sure your design is 100% correct before we start.

5.  Production

Estimated delivery date.  Most orders take 3-8 weeks depending on quantity and season.


nyhart-peloton-jerseyUnited-way-peloton-jerseyOSPT-peloton-jerseyFirefly - Its AcademicTPC-peloton-jerseySpace Monkey Mafia back


Semi Custom Templates

Aero Tech Designs Semi Custom Templates are easy to customize and come in 4 various styles: The Sprocket, the Team Leader, the Cadence, and the Victory. Anyone can customize a jersey with team colors and logos, graphic elements, text, clip-art, upgrades and add-ons, plus more!! Our easy to use templates require little to no design skill needed to produce a vivid, original. All jerseys are a club fit, raglan sleeve style jersey known as our Peloton Fit. It is printed and assembled in the USA with high quality materials so you get a quality kit with consistent, sharp color. Click below to see examples of our template .pdf

Victory Jersey Template Cadence Jersey Template Team Leader Jersey Template Sprocket Jersey Template
Victory Team Leader Cadence Sprocket

All semi custom temples come with two pages: the design template and option page. On the design template page, customers have the option of selection color choices from the options page, logo placements, upgrades and add-ons, and size and quantities. The semi custom option page includes a color pallet, font choices, text direction, and a selection of cycling clip-art logos that can be used on any jersey. We have the option of customizing any of the graphic elements on the jersey, so if you would like anything specific, please let us know on the comments on the options page. If you have any questions on these templates, please contact us at 800.621.4836 or at

Full Custom Events

Aero Tech Designs Custom Add-On

As most cyclist know, when it comes your bikes, components, and gear, it's all about the extras and features. Why can't your custom cycling clothing be the same way? These elements can keep you feeling comfortable, help you be seen at night, or draw eyes from everywhere and anywhere when you ride.

Fluorescent Coloring

High visibility fluorescent coloring has many benefits to keep cyclists safe and looking good. With the combination of cutting edge fluorescent ink technology mixed with great designs, we can create a unique kit that will stand out any time of day or night. Fluorescent kits are great for 24 hour races, cross country tours, commuting, general road riding, or just to have the most appealing kit at the event.

Thread Color Upgrade

You might be asking yourself, "Can different thread make my kit look cooler?" and the truth is, it can. This custom feature is something that might be over looked in the creation of most kits, but it adds great depth and a professionalism that other teams can only dream about. Changing thread color can break-up colors, add visibility, and brings a design element that most companies don't offer. Give it a shot on your next kit and see how one small change can add so much!

Removable and changeable items

Aero Tech knows people have certain needs for their custom jerseys. Individuals might not need a back pocket because they are looking for a spinning specific jersey, others might want a 3/4 zipper instead of a full zipper. Although, the patterns and fit cannot be changed, does not mean that we can't take requests. If you have a question about a certain part, ask us! We will let you know what can be done.


Reflective is a great way to keep yourself safe on the road! 3M Scotchlite reflective material uses an innovated technology that provides 360 degree visibility. Scotchlite reflective works by returning light rays back to an original source using thousands of microscopic glass beads. This technology illuminates no matter the direction of the light source.
There are various reflective options to add great character and visibility to your kit. Reflective options include: logos, accent lines, and, zippers

Fabric Upgrade

Aero Tech offers various fabrics for our custom kits. All are high performance polyesters that gone through extensive testing that ensure that they will keep you comfortable on long days in the saddle. Some options include, mesh side panel fabric, stretch elite jersey fabric, elite short fabric, or even a heavier weight jersey fabric.

Chamois Pad Upgrade

Aero Tech Designs is well known for its cycling shorts. Our shorts are made in the USA and offer great comfort and reliability that few can compete. We take pride in our shorts and how they bring joy for individuals who are in need. We offer various chamois pads for different cycling events. We have introductory or heavy duty pads, elite or competitive pads, and even triathlon chamois pads. Any can be used in creating your custom shorts. Let us know your favorite and we can include it into your kit! All of the optional upgrades can be using for any of the products for full custom or semi custom, including all jerseys, shorts, bib-shorts, and accessories. If you have any questions on what can be changed or upgraded, please contact us at or fill out our Request Form and have someone from our custom department contact you!
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Need Help Making Changes to a Semi Custom Design?

Let us know of any changes to any Semi Custom Designs! Aero Tech's team of professional designers can make various changes to any semi custom design! Contact us through the link above and get all the details. Aero Tech Designs' Full Custom service can customize garments with 360 degree coverage using high grade fabrics and inks that provides vivid color and great fitting gear!

Semi Custom Cycling Apparel Kits