Women's Unpadded Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are great for all sports. Women's compression shorts offer many benefits. Go the distance with compression support!

Looking for comfort and support while at the gym or on the trail? Look no further, Aero Tech Designs has a large selection of compression shorts to help you perform at your absolute best and look killer while doing it. Why compression you ask? Because compression is shown to increase blood flow and circulation which brings oxygen to the working muscle helping it to perform better. The more oxygen the better you can buffer the some times painful lactic acid caused by working out. Rich, cooling, compression fabric helps to keep your muscles in place while running or in any activity where the muscles can be jolted by impact. Holing the muscles in place will help the onset of fatigue and keep you going stronger longer. If your looking for compression on those cold winter days check out our compression tights.

Women's compression tights are designed for active women looking to look good and have fun while exercising. Compression Shorts are not just for the gym, they can be worn for soccer, hockey, cross-fit or any sport that is high is muscle impact. Aero Tech Designs Women's Compression shorts are hand made in the USA by professionals with decades of experience. Sign up for our Email List for more fitness tips and New Products.