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Women's Spandex Workout Shorts | Unpadded Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are great for all sports. Women's compression shorts offer many benefits. Go the distance with compression support!


Looking for comfort and support while at the gym or on the trail? Look no further, Aero Tech Designs has a large selection of compression shorts to help you perform at your absolute best and look killer while doing it. Why compression you ask? Because compression is shown to increase blood flow and circulation which brings oxygen to the working muscle helping it to perform better. The more oxygen the better you can buffer the some times painful lactic acid caused by working out. Rich, cooling, compression fabric helps to keep your muscles in place while running or in any activity where the muscles can be jolted by impact. Holing the muscles in place will help the onset of fatigue and keep you going stronger longer. If your looking for compression on those cold winter days check out our compression tights.


Women's compression tights are designed for active women looking to look good and have fun while exercising. Compression Shorts are not just for the gym, they can be worn for soccer, hockey, cross-fit or any sport that is high is muscle impact. Aero Tech Designs Women's Compression shorts are hand made in the USA by professionals with decades of experience.


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Why Buy Compression Cycling Gear?

The popularity of compression garments has increased significantly in the cycling world. There are compression shorts, tights, shirts, socks, arm sleeves, you name it! With new compression products coming to the market, there also has been more interest in studying their possible benefits.


Compression is mainly used to reduce the lactic acid buildup in working muscles, especially if the garments are kept on for an hour or two after exercise. The muscles are gently compressed or massaged by the spandex and mechanical stretch of the fabrics, keeping blood and lactate moving and helping you Ride longer, Feel Stronger.

Keep Muscles Warm
Because compression garments lie snug against your skin, the surface capillaries don't need to expand as much to warm your skin, leaving more blood flowing to the muscles. This keeps the muscles nice and warm. If you're wearing compression garments on a hot day, you may need to guard against overheating.

Reduce Chafing
Because the compression garment does not have any loose material to rub against your skin, any moving parts will not have abrasions. This occurs mainly at the joints of the hip and shoulder, but can also happen when your legs move against the bike frame or seat.

The theory is compressing muscles also squeezes the veins, increasing their blood pressure and thereby speeding return of blood to the lungs for oxygenation. Athletes report an improved perceived rate of exertion while wearing compression garments.

Keep Things In Place
Anatomical areas of loose skin are held in place by compression garments. Lean, trained athletes still have areas of the body that move in response to cycling motion. For men, it's the testes; for women, the breasts. Many male cyclists wear compression undergarments instead of a jock strap, preferring their comfort and look. Female athletes have had athletic bras for a long time, but those with smaller breasts may find enough support in a compression top without the discomfort of underwires or bra straps.


The compression fabric we use at Aero Tech Designs helps to squeeze muscles in and out like a sponge to bring in more oxygen from fresh blood circulation. Our compression garments can be used during activity for added support of the muscles hard at work, or used directly after a workout to aid in the recovery process. The jolting and shaking of muscles on a long run or hard rocky mountain bike ride can cause more pain and fatigue then the actual workout. By keeping the muscles in place and offering gentle support, you help your body achieve peak performance.

Compression Shirts
Aero Tech Designs compression shirts can be worn as the perfect base layer. If you spend lots of time having fun in the sun look make sure to check out the white Aero Tech Designs compression shirts. The white fabrics block out the harmful UV RAY while keeping you cool and happy under the hottest summer days.

Compression Bottoms
Tightly fitted bike shorts have become so popular that their style has influenced casual fashion. They are now often worn by people who don't even own a bike. For cycling activities indoors and out, compression shorts improve comfort, reduce abrasions and might help blood flow for faster recovery. Runners and triathletes love the support of the compression shorts on longer training runs to help keep the movement of the larger muscles to a minimum.

Compression Socks
Compression socks in individuals with histories of venous insufficiency have been documented in well-designed studies to decrease the risk of deep vein thrombosis and to mitigate lower extremity edema. The reported benefits include increased mechanical support for working muscles, faster removal of cellular debris after exercise induced muscle damage, and improved physiologic exercise parameters secondary to alterations in hemodynamics. In regards to eccentric exercise, in particular running, wearing compression socks during the event likely does help decrease skeletal muscle damage and/or improve delayed onset of muscle soreness. Most cyclists love the recovery socks for pre, during, or post-activity. Recovery (compression) socks are the best way to get a jump on recovery after a good ride.

Compression garments are not limited to athletes alone, these garments are perfect for anyone feeling fatigue in the legs or would like more support in the upper or lower body for everyday activities. If you have any travel plans in the near future compression socks and tights can help relieve the heavy legs feeling that long rides in the car or long flights can have on the body. So show your body and muscles some love and test some of our compression gear for yourself! Be at peak performance for your next event! Ride Longer. Feel Stronger.