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Women's cycling jerseys provide highly technical fabrics to handle all weather conditions, pockets for easy one handed reach while cycling, sun protection and comfort. Styles have short sleeve and sleeveless jerseys in solids and feminine designs. We offer women's cycling jerseys for all women cyclists.


Our women's specific designs focus on the latest styles without sacrificing functionality. We manufacture and sell women's jerseys in a fit that is athletic and trim in addition to our loose fitting styles. We also design and manufacture Plus sizeswomen's tops. Let us know if you don't see what you are looking for. You can email your requests to us at:

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Women's Cycling Jerseys

Are you planning on using just any old top when you hit the trails or head out on the road? You won't get too far in that basic cotton tee without getting uncomfortable and wishing you had opted for a high performance top like a comfortable cycling jersey designed specifically for riding on a bicycle.

Aero Tech Designs Women's High Quality Bike Jerseys - Lots of Styles and Choices

At its core, a women's cycling jersey is a simple garment made from high-quality, technical fabric that wicks moisture. Other key features are the front zipper that helps regulate your heat throughout the ride (up and down the hills). There are pockets on the back of a women's cycling jersey that are easy to reach with one hand while riding so you can access snacks, camera and tissues. You don't have to be a sponsored pro racer to get benefits from a good cycling jersey. Aero Tech Designs' jerseys offer several valuable benefits to keep you comfortable on your bike whether you’re a recreational beginner or a hardcore cyclist.


The primary function of a cycling jersey's fabric is to wick moisture away from your skin so that it can evaporate. This keeps you dry, cool and more comfortable in warm and hot weather. In cool or cold months, this wicking effect keeps you from getting chilled as you sweat in the frosty air. Polyester is the most common synthetic fiber used in cycling jerseys. Cotton feels good when you get dressed, but as soon as you start cycling the sweat wets the garment and becomes uncomfortable around the neck and adds a chill factor if it is cold out.

There are three main methods to promote this moisture wicking technology:

1. Increase the surface area of a fabric's individual fibers so that moisture is pulled to the surface of the fabric.
2. Construct a "waffle-like" texture in the fabric so that a higher amount of fibers are exposed to the air for evaporation of moisture.
3. Use a wicking yarn that has a "pulling" effect on moisture so that it moves from your skin to the outer surface of the jersey; this way, it evaporates more quickly.

Aero Tech Designs uses hydrophobic materials such as polyester and nylon to achieve this. Branded fibers such as Coolmax and WickAway exemplify the importance of synthetic fibers to enhance moisture wicking in athletic apparel, which is a far cry from cotton's desire to hold onto moisture. Cotton absorbs and retains sweat and perspiration, which makes the shirt wet, uncomfortable, heavy and clingy during your workouts. Wet cotton necklines alone can cause chafing and irritation without much moisture.

Unlike cotton, wicking polyesters stay dry in both hot and cold conditions, making it the ideal material for women's cycling jerseys. Soft to the touch, polyester bike jerseys are lightweight and some of our materials add carbon or silver fibers to prevent bacteria growth and body odor, both of which are an unpleasant side effect of exercise. Higher end fabrics even add a layer of UV protection.

Fit of a Cycling Jersey is snug

Another advantage women's cycling jerseys have over cotton t-shirts is that they are designed for a cyclist's posture in the saddle, the classic cycling position. The arms are set slightly forward, the rear is a little longer and the front has a small hint of a rounded cutout. The differences in front and rear length give you full coverage in the rear while leaning forward in the saddle, while the small cutout in the front allows the jersey to lay flat against your torso without bunching up as you lean forward in the cycling position. Some jerseys also add silicone grippers, similar to cycling shorts, along the bottom hem and sometimes even in the sleeves to prevent the jersey from riding up or shifting as you lean forward.

Personal preference is the biggest indicator of how a jersey should fit, but we suggest comparing chest measurements with our size charts as a guideline. (Each product listing includes a product-specific size chart.) A good tip when buying a cycling jersey is to actually lean down, as though riding a bike, in the changing room. Pretend you're in the saddle, in the cycling position. The jersey should not ride up - if it does, you need another size, or another jersey style that better suits your body type and posture. Buy one and don't like the fit? Check out our Returns Policy for refunds and exchange information. We'd be happy to help you get something that works for you.

Key Features of a Good Cycling Jersey

Back Pockets - Almost all cycling jerseys feature rear pockets that are easily accessible during your ride. Most cyclists prefer an open back pocket that can be accessed easily with one hand while riding without having to stop or dismount. Common items found in cyclist's jersey pockets include snacks, phones or music players, keys and water bottles. Ideal placement of the pockets is across the small of a cyclist's back so that the pockets do not sag from heavy loads and snag on your saddle when you stand up to pedal over a climb or dismount.

Zippered Neckline - Zippers on the front of a bike jersey give the rider the ability to vent heat, promote cool air flow and also conserve heat, depending on the stage of the ride and the riding conditions. During a multi-hour ride or a century, a cyclist may find themselves zipping up to bottle in some body heat in the morning and unzipping as needed in the afternoon to vent heat and cool down with a breeze. In other instances, unzipping while intensely pedaling up a hill can really help keep you from overheating and then zipping up before the next descent cuts down on the chilling wind of the coast downhill.

Reflective Elements - Cyclists find themselves in low light conditions more often than you'd think (rainy days, overcast commutes, early morning training rides, etc.). Reflective treatments are a must-have for any cyclist. You can never be too safe. Placement varies, but the ideal spots are below the rear pockets in the back and on the left side (the traffic side) of a bike jersey.

Bike jerseys vary in style from basic, low-key designs to extravagant, flashy replicas of pro jerseys. If you commute to work or school, ride in traffic often or enjoy exploring your city's streets by bicycle then consider choosing colors that are easily noticeable by motorists who aren't always looking for cyclists. In addition to classic short sleeve bike jerseys, sleeveless jerseys come in handy on really hot days and long sleeve jerseys are available in a variety of fabric weights. These various fabric weights can do everything from protecting you from the sun to insulating you from cold wind on late fall and winter rides. Aero Tech Designs also offers custom printed women's cycling jerseys for events and organized rides as well as professional teams and loosely organized local riding clubs.

Our women's cycling jerseys are available in fits from athletic and trim to relaxed fit for women of all shapes and sizes. Check out Aero Tech Designs' women's, full figure and fit & slim categories to find something for yourself and everyone that you enjoy riding with.