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Men's Compression Shirts

Men's Compression Shirts

Compression Shirts

Compression shirts provide many benefits for active adults.  The compression shirt provides support for muscles to reduce stiffness and soreness after working out.  The spandex holds the muscles and reduces vibration, which can lead to fatigue.  The Spandex compression shirt keeps muscles warm and massages your muscles to reduce the lactic acid and speed recovery. The compression creates improved venous return and oxygenation to blood that supplies your working muscles. More oxygen means less fatigue and less lactic acid build up.

The compression shirts keep your muscles warm like a second skin which helps to prevent muscle strain and promote recovery.  The cut and styling is durable, soft and comfortable to wear. The fabrics are stretchy four-ways with a brushed texture that is easy to wear in all temperatures.

The Fabric is Spandex blended with Polyester that is hydrophobic.  That means it wicks sweat away from the body and dries quickly without holding body odors. The seams are soft, smooth and stretchy with five thread flat-lock stitching. The additional benefits ofcompression shirts are their ability to prevent chafing and rubbing abrasion.