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Aero Tech Design Custom has the price list below for customers who are looking for an estimate on how much there kit will cost. We have the price guide broke up into two sections, Full and Semi Custom, and Basic Custom. Full and Semi Custom products get fully printed with no limit to the amount of logos, text, design graphics, or colors. The Basic Custom products are priced for a single screen print in one color. Pricing for Basic Custom increases with more colors, print locations, and if a sublimation print is substituted for a screen print. For more information on the difference between Full, Semi, and Basic Custom, click the link above.

Also listed at the bottom of this page are the various Upgrades and Add-ons that Aero Tech Designs Custom offers for more ways to customize your kit. Options include Fluorescent coloring, thread color upgrades, reflective, and more!

Full Custom and Semi Custom Products

Men's Custom Cyclewear

10-19 Items 20-39 Items 40-59 Items 60+ Items
Premiere Jersey $120 $110 $100 $90
Peloton Jersey 100 90 80 70
Sprint Jersey 100 90 80 70
Sprint Jersey - Sleeveless 100 90 80 70
Fitness Long Sleeve Jersey - Light Weight 110 100 90 80
Sprint Long Sleeve Jersey - Brush Fleece 120 110 100 90
Peloton Long Sleeve Jersey - Brush Fleece 120 110 100 90
Fitness Jersey 80 70 60 50
Shorts, Bib-Shorts, and Tights
Sprint Short $80 $70 $65 $60
Peloton Shorts 95 85 80 75
Peloton Bib-Shorts 125 110 100 90
Premiere Short 100 90 85 80
Premiere Bib-Shorts 150 140 130 120
Tenacious Tight 125 110 100 90
Fitness Shorts 70 60 55 50
Premiere Short Sleeve Skin Suit $225 $200 $175 $150
Premiere Long Sleeve Skin Suit 230 210 180 155
Downhill Freestyle Jersey 80 70 65 60
WindStop Vest 80 70 65 60
Rush Running Singlet 50 40 35 30

Women's Custom Cyclewear

10-19 Items 20-39 Items 40-59 Items 60+ Items
Empress Jersey $100 $90 $80 $70
Tailored Sprint Jersey 100 90 80 70
Empress Long Sleeve Jersey 120 110 100 90
Empress Short 95 85 80 75
Fitness Short 70 60 55 50
Empress Full Print Tight 125 110 100 90

Youth Custom Cyclewear

10-19 Items 20-39 Items 40-59 Items 60+ Items
Youth Jersey $60 $55 $50 $45
Youth Shorts 60 55 50 45

Accessories and Other Gear

10-19 Items 20-39 Items 40-59 Items 60+ Items
Arm Warmers $35 $25 $20 $15
Leg Warmers 40 30 25 20
Rush Cycling Hat 25 22 18 13
Helmet Liner 20 17 13 8
Do-Rag 20 17 13 8
Headband 15 13 10 7
Seat Cover 15 13 10 7


Basic Custom Products

Men's Custom Cyclewear

25-49 Items 50-99 Items 100-199 Items 200+
Basic Jersey $50 $45 $40 $35
Club Jersey 55 50 45 40
Shadow Jersey 55 50 45 40
Elite Coolmax Jersey 75 70 65 60
Classic Shorts $45 $40 $35 $30
Eight Panel Pro Shors 55 50 45 40
Shadow Shorts 75 70 65 60
Six Panel Elite Short 95 90 85 80
Top-Shelf Bib-Shorts 95 90 85 80
Shadow Bib-Shorts 110 100 95 90
Elite Bib-Shorts 150 140 130 120

Women's Custom Cyclewear

Women's Specific Jersey $70 $60 $55 $50
Basic Jersey 50 45 40 35
Women's Classic Shorts 45 40 35 30
Women's Pro Short 55 50 45 40
Women's Centery Short 75 70 65 60


High Performance Podium T-shirts $40 $35 $30 $20
50/50 Blend Podium T-shirts 30 25 20 12
Cotton Podium T-shirts 15 12 10 7
Long Sleeve 50/50 Blend Podium T-shirts 40 35 30 25


Arm Warmers $30 $25 $22 $20
Leg Warmers 45 30 27 25
Mussett Bag 25 22 20 16


Full Custom Events

Aero Tech Design Custom+

Fluorescent Coloring

Price: $10 per item

High visibility fluorescent coloring has many benefits to keep cyclists safe and looking good. With the combination of cutting edge fluorescent ink technology mixed with great designs, we can create a unique kit that will stand out any time of day or night. Fluorescent kits are great for 24 hour races, cross country tours, commuting, general road riding, or just to have the most appealing kit at the event.

Flouro vs Spot

Thread Color Upgrade

Price: $3 per item

You might be asking yourself, "Can different thread make my kit look cooler?" and the truth is, it can. This custom feature is something that might be over looked in the creation of most kits, but it adds great depth and a professionalism that other teams can only dream about. Changing thread color can break-up colors, add visibility, and brings a design element that most companies don't offer. Give it a shot on your next kit and see how one small change can add so much!

Our thread colors come in 13 different colors.
White, Black, Sliver, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Red, Orange, Green, Safety Yellow, and Safety Green

Chamois Pad Upgrade

$10 per item for Elite Upgrade
$15 per item for Race Upgrade
$5 per item for all other Chamois Pads

Aero Tech Designs is well known for its cycling shorts. Our shorts are made in the USA and offer great comfort and reliability that few can compete. We take pride in our shorts and how they bring joy for individuals who are in need. We offer various chamois pads for different cycling events. We have introductory or heavy duty pads, elite or competitive pads, and even triathlon chamois pads. Any can be used in creating your custom shorts. Let us know your favorite and we can include it into your kit! All of the optional upgrades can be using for any of the products for full custom or semi custom, including all jerseys, shorts, bib-shorts, and accessories. We have different chamois pad that can fit into our custom shorts. We do have elite level chamois pads, mountain and cross specific pads, and even triathlon specific pads. Customers can also get any of the custom shorts without a chamois pad. Please ask if you want a specific chamois pad!!

aero tech chamois pads

Fabric Upgrade

Price: $10 per item

Aero Tech offers various fabrics for our custom kits. All are high performance polyesters that gone through extensive testing that ensure that they will keep you comfortable on long days in the saddle.
Options include: a lightweight, breathable elite jersey fabric, a stretch mesh fabric for side panels, carbon infused short fabric, or even a heavier weight brush fleece fabric.


Aero Tech wants to be on your team! We offer various sponsorships for different garments. Some include side panel, back pocket, lower back on shorts, and sides on shorts. Ask an Aero Tech Representative for a listing of all sponsorships available.


Price: Based on need

Being visible on the road is something that is very important. Aero Tech is always looking to add a safety elements to garments and adding reflective is one the best! Reflective is a great way to keep yourself safe on the road! 3M Scotchlite reflective material uses an innovated technology that provides 360 degree visibility. Scotchlite reflective works by returning light rays back to an original source using thousands of microscopic glass beads. This technology illuminates no matter the direction of the light source.
There are various reflective options to add great character and visibility to your kit. Reflective options include: logos, accent lines, and, zippers

Removable and Changeable items

Price: based on Change

Aero Tech knows people have certain needs for their custom jerseys. Individuals can make various design changes to our products. Some might not need a back pocket because they are looking for a spinning specific jersey, others might want a 3/4 zipper instead of a full zipper. We can change cosmetic design elements to our products, we cannot change patterns or other fit aspects of our garments. Our garments have gone through extensive trials and testing to get the proper fit for cyclist. If you have special fit requirements, you can order slightly larger and use your local tailor for specific alterations to your individual style and preference. Although the patterns and fit cannot be changed, does not mean that we can't take requests. If you have a question about a certain part, ask us! We will let you know what can be done.

Design Costs

All prices are subject to change based on various factors including: design time need to create the design, add-ons and upgrades, design changes, promotions, discounts, and sponsorships. All full-custom jersey will require vector artwork created by your ad agency time at an hourly rate. You can avoid design costs by designing your own garment using Adobe Illustrator and the provided templates from Aero Tech Designs Custom. The design tool link below is another way to create a jersey template without the use of a designer or Adobe Illustrator. A typical full custom jersey may take 1 to 10 man hours to create the vector artwork needed for sublimation printing.