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Men's Road Bike Shorts

Men's Road Bike Shorts

Men's Road Bike Shorts

Aero Tech Designs offers cyclists many different Road Bike Shorts. Many of the road shorts are made in the U.S.A. Our men's spandex shorts will make a difference in the quality of your bicycle rides. We use high quality, stretchy spandex fabrics, high end luxury chamois padding and elite elastics and findings. Give us a try, you'll be happy you did!
Feeling Frisky in your bike shorts?

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Road Bike Shorts designed for people who ride long distances on our public roads and streets. This distinction of being a "road" rider is connected with the history of the sport of bicycling. Road Racers, Track Racers, Mountain Bikers and Cyclocross Riders all have slightly different needs in their bike short design. Cyclists who are just starting out and Trail riders have similar needs, with much in common with the elite riders.

Once you start to ride longer distances you will quickly note the need for a pair of padded bike shorts and possibly a new bicycle saddle. There are bicycle saddle-fitting services that will measure the distance between your ischium bones and recommend a saddle that is the correct size for your own anatomy. Once you have a saddle that works for you, you will want to take your comfort to the next level with padding for the saddle area. A good Bicycle Saddle fits your size of bones in the saddle area. Women's saddles and chamois pads are wider than men's because of the wider pelvic area. The Men's Road Bike Shorts on this page will support your effort to Ride Longer and Feel Stronger.