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Men's baggy MTB bike shorts with chamois pads are great for the singletrack or even around town. Baggy bike shorts provide a casual and loose-fit look to your bike shorts. To avid cyclists, these shorts, known as baggy bike shorts, have evolved to deliver excellent performance on and off the bike. The shorts on this page are a technical design for peak performance on the bicycle. MTB shorts create a rugged surface for endurance in the dirt. The shorts support your bike ride by helping you ride longer and feel stronger. These highly functional biking shorts have pockets, chamois pads, and a casual look. Usually, a mountain bike short combines two shorts in one. The outside shell layer is loose-fitting with an internal padded bike short. Sometimes the inner liner short is attached to the outer, and the liner is removable in others. Like our Multi-Sport Short, some shorts do not come with a padded liner. Being liner-free allows the rider to match any liner short that might be their favorite. Men's Mountain Bike Shorts are rugged, stretching with movement and preventing snags from low-hanging vegetation. The mountain bike shorts are made of synthetic fabrics that are easy to wash to remove dirt and mud.

Mountain Bike Shorts

People enjoy mountain biking for many reasons. One of our favorite reasons is that there are no cars and distracted drivers on the singletrack trails. The lack of vehicles and distractions allows the rider to relax more, think about the ride, and avoid poor drivers. Another big part of why mountain biking has become so popular is that this sport gives people the chance to escape for a couple of hours and enjoy nature. It is quieter than a motorcycle, and the rider gets excellent exercise during the excursion. Good for the environment and good for you – that's what we call a win-win situation. No matter your reason for getting out and riding your mountain bike, you can count on Aero Tech Designs to produce and sell high-quality products that will give you the strength and comfort to ride longer and feel stronger. Go ahead, and get dirty riding!

Not all MTB mountain bikers want to wear spandex shorts.   While most cyclists don't mind wearing tight shorts, many cyclists would prefer baggy or loose-fitting shorts with a chamois liner. MTB shorts are usually two shorts in one. The liner is the critical component for comfort that goes under the baggy part of the short. MTB shorts are often called baggy shorts in the bicycle business. They are a good option for people who prefer a looser fit and a more casual look while riding. Mountain bikers wear less tight clothing and more loose cycling apparel like traditional apparel. 

One differentiation factor of mountain bike shorts is the chamois padding sewn into the liner short. There are many different thicknesses and densities of the foam or gel in the chamois. The interior liner part must be both stretchy and breathable. The goal is to keep the wearer dry and cool during the heat of the summer. The most common material used in the liner short is wicking and stretchy fabric that moves with the cycling motion and keeps the padding close to the body during active movements. A high-quality liner will create a second skin that cushions and protects from chafing. Often a blend of polyester or nylon and spandex. This material can keep the wearer dry by wicking the excess moisture away from the skin. Many of the chamois pads in a pair of men's MTB shorts are highly technical, with different densities of foam layered with gel and poron materials for shock absorption. The face of the pads often has an antimicrobial finish that prevents the growth of bacteria and odors on the material surface.  

The outer layer of a pair of mountain bike shorts is made of a woven, rugged material that can endure high wear. This gives the outer layer of the short strength to resist a tear from the brush and branches commonly found in the outdoors. Men's mountain bike shorts come in many colors and patterns, but black sells the best. Mountain bike shorts will have extra features like reflective logos or reflective zippers. Higher quality mountain bike shorts will have a type of belt or cinch system to keep the shorts up and around the mountain bike rider's waist. Several baggy-type shorts have a drawstring or elastic band.

The location of pockets on a pair of Mountain bike shorts is an important consideration. There are lots of different opinions on where is the best place. Some people view their legs as engines and don't want anything moving in their pockets while cycling. Other people want lots of pockets with zippers to carry everything they need accessible within a quick zip. Most road shorts do not have pockets, so if you need pockets, you may want to consider a pair of men's MTB shorts.

The fit of a baggy short is essential because we all have a preference or two on how our biking shorts should fit. Men's mountain bike shorts run true to size. They are loose-fitting. Some people want a shorter inseam on the legs for coolness and air. Others prefer a longer inseam. Most MTB shorts have an elastic stretch waist with a drawstring which is essential to adjust any pair of baggy shorts. Reflective elements like piping, zippers, and tabs enhance safety and visibility if you ride at night. Look for a bit of reflectivity that can alert the automobiles you are riding nearby. This is important to add visibility in low light conditions.

The variety of men's mountain bike shorts shown above represents a great variety of options for everyone who takes their bicycles seriously. A critical note about mountain biking is - the feet are often wet during rides through the mud. A pivotal element to comfortable biking is excellent socks. Mountain Bikers get dirty with dirt and grime, so Black Coolmax Socks or other wicking socks that can easily be washed are essential to mountain bikers.