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Find comfort on your bicycle with Aero Tech's selection of women's cycling shorts. To help you experience longer bicycle rides, we have a wide selection of women's bike shorts. Road biking shorts are typically a spandex material with a chamois pad for comfort. Loose-fitting (some call baggies) mountain biking shorts are great for a more casual look. We also offer women's spandex skin shorts and triathlon shorts designed for swim-bike-run. Are you looking for women's cycling shorts? We have regular size women's cycling shorts on this page and plus women's cycling shorts. We use comfortable stretch fabric to have freedom of movement while you ride. If you ride more than a few miles, you might consider padded underwear shorts that cushion your ride. If you are a road rider or want extra comfort, we have several long-distance chamois pads in various densities or gel within the chamois. Want to see the differences quickly? Check out our guide for cycling shorts overview for women. We also have capri length and full-length tights. Read more about how padded cycling shorts work.

Women's Cycling Shorts

The most important part of a women's bike short is the chamois pad. The design in women's padded cycling shorts performs three main functions:

  • Absorbing shock and road vibrations from riding
  • Allowing freedom of movement while pedaling
  • Controlling abrasion while riding

Women's chamois pads typically have a thicker center through the crotch, whereas men's chamois pads are often designed with a cutout in this area to relieve pressure. The best chamois pads focus on the pelvic ischium bones (or your "sitting bones"). The ischium bones support your body's weight and are your body's main contact points with your bicycle's saddle, so the chamois pad is essential, and your comfort depends on it. Everyone's body type, riding style, posture, and personal preferences play a part in determining the best style of a chamois pad for them. There are several choices and styles. Aero Tech Designs uses chamois pads in our product line that range from thick to thin and from dense to lightweight to help every cyclist find the proper support for their needs. The value a chamois pad provides is best understood and appreciated when riding for more than 10 to 15 miles at a time. After passing beyond this mileage, a cyclist's sit bones usually become uncomfortable. They have been bearing the rider's total weight with no support aside from your bike's saddle. If you are not wearing bike shorts, underwear seams can start to rub and cause irritation after this time frame. Padded bike shorts are worn without underwear so that the pad is next to your skin. Not wearing underwear prevents rubbing or abrasion. Also, cotton underwear does not wick moisture, and you do not want to introduce bacteria and other chafing issues to a growing threat of saddle sores.

Women's Bike Shorts Fabric

Stretchy fabrics that contain spandex are most commonly used to engineer padded cycling shorts because they allow freedom of movement and support your muscles with soothing, massaging muscle compression. Instead of cotton, bike shorts use nylon and polyester as the most common base fabric knitted with spandex to be rugged and comfortable no matter how long you're in the saddle.

Leg Grippers On Women's Cycling Shorts

Aero Tech Designs, like most manufacturers, uses leg bands and grippers in many of our padded cycling shorts. They help prevent shorts from riding up your legs as you pedal repeatedly. With each pedal stroke, your muscles are flexing, creating an opportunity for your bike shorts to shift positions. Leg grippers prevent the shorts from moving. Also, if left unattended, shorts that ride up your legs can lead to fabric bunching up at the inside of your thighs. Bunched-up material can cause chafing on the sensitive skin inside your legs as they rub on your saddle with each pedal stroke. The chamois pad can also bunch up, which quickly leads to rubbing, chafing, and potentially saddle sores. Various forms of leg grippers and elastics prevent this movement so that your shorts stay stretched along your legs and, most importantly, the chamois remain in place. Leg grippers are made from silicone and come in many different styles. Some shorts use a silicone strip well others cover the entire band.

Reflective Elements

Placing reflective elements on the moving areas of your leg creates a moving reflective area that attracts the eyes and attention of motorists in low light and dark conditions. Most of the reflective elements we use are made by 3M, a leader in this area.

Bike Short Fit

Padded bike shorts fit snug, right against your skin. Being next to the skin maximizes the ability of the moisture-wicking fabric, and it gives your chamois pad the best chance to stay comfortably in place during your ride. Properly tight-fitting cycling shorts also support your leg muscles with gentle compression that helps limit lactic acid buildup and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness post-ride. If you haven't worn bike shorts before and try them on for the first time, it is essential to remember that they should fit snug but should not be too tight or binding that they are uncomfortable. Bike shorts will fit more snugly than everyday apparel if you are new to cycling. Bike shorts need to fit snugly to provide these benefits. They should not be uncomfortable to the point of biding. Panels – Most padded cycling shorts will include a multi-panel design that comprises 6, 8, or more panels. Multi-panel shorts provide excellent muscle compression and are very comfortable to wear. The panels help the shorts fit better when in the cycling position.
Inseam – Personal preference typically dictates how long you would like your inseam to be, but it is essential to remember that you do not want an inseam too long where it will reach the back of your knee. The inseam should stop a few inches above your knee so that you don't have fabric contacting the back of your knee as you pedal.
Elastics – Waist elastic is essential for keeping your shorts in place during your ride. Wider elastic is less likely to roll down as your body shifts into the cycling position (leaning slightly forward, reaching out to the handlebars). Some styles use a drawstring waistband, which can come in handy for multi-sport activities like triathlons and other fitness events.
Style - Women's Cycling shorts are available in regular sizes, Fit and Slim, and Plus Size Cycling Apparel for full figure.


Bike shorts fit snug, or the rider risks missing out on the potential benefits and introducing discomfort to their ride. Getting the most out of your padded bike shorts means finding the right size and style for yourself. It is always a good idea to refer to the manufacturer's size chart before ordering, and some styles from the same manufacturer can have slightly different size charts, depending on the fit or style of a particular item.

Caring for Your Shorts

It is essential to launder your women's padded cycling shorts after every use. We recommend machine wash and air drying. Machine washing removes all bacteria from the chamois pad. Riding in consistently clean shorts reduces your risk of developing saddle sores from chamois pad bacteria. Because bike shorts wick moisture, air drying in a well-ventilated area is usually very reliable, and it removes the risk of a heated dryer reacting negatively with the synthetic fabrics that make up your bike shorts. Additionally, air drying doesn't stress the rubber spandex fibers like a heated dryer would, which helps your favorite shorts last longer so that you can "Ride Longer, Feel Stronger."

Women's Padded Bike Shorts Should be Worn Without Underwear

Anti-chafe cream can be applied to your skin as well as your chamois pad to keep everything lubricated and moving freely during your ride. Generally, most cyclists only use anti-chafe creams for long-distance rides, and the creams can be reapplied mid-ride as needed. Anti-chafe creams help prevent abrasion hot spots from forming, and anti-chafe creams are essential for most long-distance touring endeavors or century rides.