Padded Bike Shorts

Women's Padded Cycling Shorts

Women's Padded Cycling Shorts

These high-quality bike shorts will let you ride your bicycle longer. We developed these women's cycling shorts for women cyclists who love to ride. Women's bike shorts are designed specifically for the cyclist's needs. We create each pattern to perform in the cycling position. At Aero Tech Designs, we develop our women's bike shorts for a wide range of sizes and uses. We believe that everyone should have an option to be comfortable on the bike. The fit for our women's bike shorts ranges from a tight, spandex short cut to a casual, comfortable every riding short. We optimize our women's bike shorts for performance and comfort. The chamois pads used in women's bike shorts come in different densities and thicknesses but are all specifically designed to fit the contours of a women's body. Our women's bike shorts accomplish three goals; they provide freedom of movement on the bike, prevent abrasions, and provide padding and shock absorption from the chamois pad. The fabric in women's bike shorts is a stretchy spandex material that offers compression for muscle support and freedom of movement while riding. The bottom line, these shorts are made for women cyclists and will not compromise on comfort.

Women's Padded Bike Shorts

On this page you can see an overview of How to choose a pair of women's bike shorts. There are many types of cycle shorts for women because of the different types of riders and personal preferences of today's women. Aero Tech Padded Bike Shorts are for for all levels of female cycling. The images below show the different types of biking shorts for women who ride for fun and exercise. Contact us for more information on all of our cycling apparel products.

To choose a bike short for your personal biking style, you first need to know your options. Most cycle shorts have a foam pad sewn into the bicycle seat area. The padding in the shorts range from thick to thin. The thickest pads act as shock absorbers with different types of gel or foam that is formed into shape using an engineered designed based on cycling motion. The padding also reduces abrasion and cushions the seat area. If you are just starting to ride, or the longer your ride, the more density you need in a chamois pad. The elite pads are designed for long distance riders and are engineered specifically for the female anatomy. A more seasoned bicycle rider may want a thin pad in their bike shorts so that it prevents abrasion and yet feels invisible. Using a thin chamois pad is also popular in triathlon shorts where the short is worn for swim, bike, run.

Cycling Shorts are worn without underwear.

The pad in a pair of bicycle shorts is called the chamois pad even though the pads are rarely ever chamois leather anymore. In the 1970's and 1980's bicycle shorts were made of black wool with a leather chamois pad sewn into the saddle area to prevent abrasion. In the early days of bicycle racing, the chamois was lubricated with an oil to create a "slip" so the cycling motion was a smooth glide against the skin. The use of anti-chafe creams and lubricants continue to be an important part of cycling as these creams combined with snug bike shorts do wonders to enhance the comfort of a bicycle rider.

Support Your Bones with a good bicycle saddle, then pad them with a comfortable padding sewn into the women's bike shorts.