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Full Figure Cycling Clothes

Plus Size Women's Cycling Clothes

plus women cycling apparel

Searching for Full Figure Cycling Apparel?

Let us get you on the road in comfort! We understand how to provide you the right amount of cushioning you need to ride longer and feel stronger. Plus-women need great fitting cycling clothes that are functional and flattering - nothing too tight or too loose. If you are cycling for fun or trying to shed some pounds, we have a nice selection to get you going.

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Unleashing Your Inner Goddess

The Athena Class

According to Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of war, craft and knowledge, who only fought when she had a heroic purpose. In athletics, especially triathlons, Athena is a weight-based division for women who are 150lbs or more. This is similar to the male division known as the Clydesdale, named after the powerful breed of draft horses. These classes offer participants the chance to compete against athletes with a similar build. This makes sense in the sport of cycling, where leaner bikers have an advantage over those carrying more weight. It is also a way to encourage participation of plus size athletes. Studies show that people who are considered plus size and stay active have a lower death rate than those who are skinny and sedentary.

Do I have to compete in the Athena class?

Gina Plus JerseyNo, registering in the Athena division is optional. It is up to you to decide. Some see the Athena class as a badge of honor, while others tend to see it as a scarlet letter. There are typically three types of Athenas:

1) The Happy Athenas: The plus size women who see being an Athena as a positive. They choose to race with their fellow 150+ pounders. They don't care who is in the class or what the other women look like. 150 pounds is all you gotta be to join the club. They may place, or they might not. It's all about the journey.

2) The Exiting Athenas: Women on the border of the weight division, who race Athena because they can place well in the class, but are ready to escape the group. Just a few more pounds! Athena is goal to pass through, not a lifetime member club. And when they do pass out of the group, they appreciate the hard work and dedication it took to be an age-grouper.

3) The Age Group Athenas: Women who think the Athena class is either ridiculous, embarrassing, or unnecessary. Even though these ladies could race Athena, they would rather ride their bikes into oncoming traffic than race this class. They choose to be age-groupers versus Athenas.

Regardless of which Athena type you are, all Athenas are cyclist, just like their counterparts. A cyclist is someone who trains in physical strength, agility and stamina. Even the best cyclists had to work their way up from the bottom. You donít need to wait to lose weight to be a cyclist. Just because you have a full figure body, doesn't mean you fit the stereotype of being lazy. The desire to be a cyclist, to live a cyclist lifestyle comes from the heart.

You, my friend, have an inner goddess of war waiting to come out. Just like the goddess Athena, you have a strong, determined, fierce spirit that's ready to tear up the course. You're willing to learn the tricks of the cycling trade to find what works best for you. You have a heroic purpose worth fighting for - to pursue your goals for the pure enjoyment of accomplishing a race, event or defined milestone. A hard workout is a workout. A complete race is a completed race.

Finding your inner goddess is a process that takes self awareness. Youíll gain confidence, skill level and increased self esteem in accomplishing something positive and productive. Having a race or event to train for is a great way to start off because you are focused and working towards something. The habit of regularly cycling will become second nature so that when you donít have a race or event, your healthy behaviors stay intact.

Thinking Like Athena

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to creating goals. You want to give yourself an advantage in achieving them. So you need to start with realistic goals you can manage, otherwise you'll get frustrated with yourself and lose hope. Unlike the covers of popular magazines, fit and healthy doesn't always mean thinness or the "perfect" body. Success can be measured not in pounds, but rather striving to achieve the most healthy and fit version of yourself.

The following are tips to help keep your head in the game:

*Stop Seeking Validation
You don't need to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. This means achieving personal success in cycling can be a lonely road. Be ready to travel this path on your own or with a few key supporters. You'll make new, healthier friends along the way.

*Join a Network
It's easy to get intimidated by slimmer cyclists when you're first starting out. Being an active part of a plus size community can be the difference between sticking with the fitness routine and giving up.

*Accept Yourself as You Are
Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of your body, begin to embrace yourself just as you are. It'll be easier to notice and appreciate the small changes made to your body over time, rather than expecting drastic changes right away. Consider spending a moment each day to contemplate something grateful your body does for you.

*Get to Know Your Body
What might work for one Athena, might not be the best option for you, especially when it comes to cycling apparel. Let movement help you get to know your body better. The better you know your bodyís likes, dislikes, wants and needs, the better you can find what works for you.

*Stop Self-Hate Talk
Pay attention to your thoughts and how you speak to yourself, especially when looking in the mirror. Self-hate talk will cause you to be defeated before you even get started. Keep yourself surrounded by encouraging words/phrases. As you see and read them on a daily basis, they'll help develop a more positive mindset about yourself and your body.

*Schedule Time
Schedule time in advance to focus on the aspects of your fitness routine. Whether itís prepping food or cycling, set aside time and stick to it. This time should be viewed with the highest degree of self-respect. Making a schedule will help you form routines to accomplish your goals.

*Give Yourself 90 Days
Consistent cycling a few times a week for 90 days can develop into long-term sustainable fitness. Achieving the 90 days allows you to form new habits and routines to keep momentum. Overtime, your attitude will change from hesitation to happiness.
Gail Cycling Jersey

If you focus on using your inner goddess, appreciate your body, and learn to live with the healthiest version of yourself rather than trying to look like the cultural ideal, youíll be more successful in accomplishing your cycling goals.

Finding the Right Fit for Full Figure

Shopping for cycling apparel can be intimidating, especially for plus size women, who feel itís harder to find something that fits right and looks cool. At Aero Tech Designs, we understand women cyclists come in all shapes and sizes. We believe riding a bike is something fun everyone should get to enjoy, regardless of fitness level.

Plus size cycling apparel doesn't have to fit tight like spandex to work well on a long bicycle ride. Our women's Gail jersey is flattering for a plus women's figure, which has nice style lines and fits loose and airy without being baggy. The collar is loose around the neck yet high enough to cover up. When it comes to the needs of a full figure cycling short, we offer a variety styles. The baggy shorts are loose fitting on the outer shell with a snug bike short on the inside as a liner. If you want to wear your own stretch clothing, you can find a liner short that coverts any short into a padded cycle short. On this page you will find plus size jackets, cycle capri, shorts and jerseys.

Baggy Fit Plus ShortsNot all bike shorts are the same - thick pads, thin pads, baggy, spandex etc. How do you know what is best for you? Our Womenís Century Shorts were rated one of the Top Ten Plus Size Cycling Shorts by Total Women's Cycling. This pair of shorts offers supreme comfort for full figure. It's extremely comfortable and perfect for those heading out on longer rides. Made from a soft polyester with lycra, these shorts feel great next to skin. They have a soft waist band that will not dig in and a seamless inner leg to prevent chaffing while silicone leg grippers ensure the shorts will not ride up. Our Plus Women's Baggy Short is a great solution if you don't feel comfortable in spandex. There are two shorts in one, with a loose outer short and an internal short with a sewn-in chamois pad. Basically, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Once you get riding, you will develop your own opinion on what works for you on the bicycle rides. Here is a link to the women's bike short overview for some helpful information. If you have questions about the chamois pads sewn inside bike shorts, check out the technical info on chamois pads.

Aero Tech Designs has a growing selection of plus size cycling clothing. Full figure starts with 2XL and goes up to 6XL in some products. All of our garments are made with high performance, technical materials that wick perspiration and cushion the ride. The goal of comfort on the bike is evident in our selection of plus women's cycling clothing. Our full figure cycling clothes are designed to fit the bicycle riding position and provide comfort so you can enjoy your bike ride. Ride Longer. Feel Stronger.

Cycling Apparel Tips for Plus Size:

Leg Grippers Keep Shorts From Moving* Use a tape measure on your bust, waist, and hips - This is a guideline to use the size charts. Cyclewear is very stretchy and if you are plus size, you know your weight can change. For the chest, measure across the fullest part just under the arms. For the waist, measure across the narrowest part of your midsection. For the hips, measure around the fullest part.

* Make your size decisions while sitting in the bicycle saddle not standing up. Plus women's cycle gear is designed for the cycling position, not standing.

* Once you choose a short or jersey, don't be discouraged if it isn't right the first time. You may need to exchange or try a variety of styles to find your comfort zone. Be sure to check out our return policy so we can help you exchange your items.

* Leg gripper and elastics may feel funny the first time you try them on, but don't over-react. Elastics are fantastic on the ride, they make the clothing stay in place so you don't have to tug at them when you move around cycling and exercising.

* If you are chafing on the bicycle, make sure you are NOT wearing underwear, the chamois padding goes next to you skin without any liners. We have anti-chafe creams that work like a magic wand to eliminate chafe between the legs. We highly recommend them.

U.S. Plus Sizes
  X-Large   2XL   3XL   4XL   5XL
  14W 16W 18W 20W 22 24W 26WE 28WE 32WE
Bust 41.5"-43" 42.5"-45" 44.5"-47" 46.5"-49" 48.5"-51" 50.5"-53" 52.5"-55" 55.5"-57" 57.5"-59"
Waist 33.5"-35" 34.5"-37" 36.5"-39" 38.5"-41.5" 40.5"-44" 42.5"-46.5" 44.5"-49" 49.5"-51.5" 52"-54"
Hips 44"-45.5" 45"-47.5" 47"-49.5" 49"-51.5" 51"-53.5" 53"-55.5" 55"-57.5" 58"-59.5" 60"-61.5"

Need some extra motivation?

Check out the following websites that are full figure specific:

Born to Reign Athletics: an organization created by a proud Athena to encourage other plus size women.

Fat Broad On A Bike: Don't Hide - Ride!: a blog post written by a plus size woman that offers cycling tips and encouragement.

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