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Have some Fun! Get out and Ride. We ride because we love the joy and fun that comes from connecting with nature and our own body. The natural rush that comes from cycling and self empowerment, is a big part of the joy we all feel. Do you want to Ride Longer? Feel Stronger? Then let us help you get comfortable for the extra few miles. We have all types of cycling apparel that fit big sizes so you can be comfortable outdoors bearing the weather that comes your way each day you get out to ride.
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What is different about Aero Tech Designs' Big Man's Cycling Apparel?

If you have been riding your bike for fun, fitness, or just got outdoors for a couple hours; I'm sure you have noticed that what you wear is very important to being comfortable on the bike. For most men the answer can be found at your local sporting goods store or bike shop. Regular sizes can be found easily online and in catalogs as well. Big Men have difficulty finding products that fit well. Sometimes you can find supposed big men' gear that will fit your shoulders, belly and chest but is way too long overall. This is not the kind of cycling apparel anyone wants to be wearing. This is a result of the grading growing longer as it grows wider. Other times you will find big men' apparel that will fit your chest and is the right length but will be much too tight across the belly. We have all worn this shirt or one just like it in the past and it's embarrassing. The struggle to find big men's cycling products is real. This is more common than you think and you are not alone in trying to find Big Man's cycling apparel.

At Aero Tech Designs we find that big men are some of our favorite customers. We are happy that you, a big man, have come to our website to check out our products. Our design department creates apparel specifically for big men and their needs. We create cycling apparel based on REAL BIG MEN. we do not use some guess or estimate as to whether this product will fit big men. We test our big man line on REAL BIG MEN. All of our testers are real customers and cyclists who care about their apparel. They give us feedback about how our big man apparel lines fit their bodies. Some of them are big and tall; some of them are big and short. All of them love cycling in Aero Tech Designs Big man apparel. Try our big man apparel and see for yourself how comfortable you can be on the bicycle.

Aero Tech Designs Big Man's High Quality Bike Jerseys

A big man's cycling jersey is a garment designed with moister wicking fabric. They usually will include a front zipper, whether half or full zip, and pockets in the back. Pockets in the rear of the big man's cycling jersey will prevent your items from falling out while in the bent over cycling position. Whether you are a recreational or casual rider or even a hardcore cyclist, our big man's cycling jerseys will keep you riding longer and feeling stronger.

About the fabric used in our Big Man's cycling jersey line

The fabric used in big man's cycling jerseys is engineered to wick moisture from your skin to the surrounding air. This will keep your skin dry, cool, and more comfortable especially in hot and humid weather. Anyone who has gotten sweaty and wet in the winter knows that being dry will keep you from getting chilled and cold. Big men's cycling jerseys utilize wicking polyester that is designed to give you comfort during all of your rides.

The three main methods are:
*Increasing the surface area of the polyester fibers
*Engineering and manufacturing the fabric so there is a waffle texture that exposes more of the fibers to air thus increasing wicking
*Using a specialty polyester fabric that creates a "pulling" effect, where the moisture is pulled away from your skin to the outer surface of the jersey where it can evaporate more quickly. The best way to visualize this is to think of a drinking straw pulling water up and out.

The primary method we use at Aero Tech Designs to keep you dry is the use of hydrophobic or wicking materials. These materials are usually constructed of polyester or nylon and are generally synthetic in origin. We use popular brands such as Coolmax and WickAway, as they have great properties that align with use as cycling and general athletic wear. A common mistake for entry level cyclists is using cotton based shirts, underwear, and shorts. Cotton can be good in the right circumstances but if there are large amounts of perspiration, as with many big men, it can quickly become saturated. Cotton holds much more water per volume than polyester. This will make you feel wet and uncomfortable while exercising. You should avoid staying wet while exercising because it will cause your skin to chaff and possibly get irritated if it continues. n the manufacture of this fabric, sometimes carbon or silver is added to increase strength or reduce the amount of bacteria. Many fabrics also have a UPF rating, which is how well it can prevent UV rays from reaching your skin and ultimately giving you a sun burn. Many health professionals advocate the use of UV blocking apparel to keep your skin safe from skin cancer from long term exposure.

Fit of Aero Tech Designs' Big Man's Cycling Apparel

The difference between a cycling jersey and a standard t-shirt is that cycling jerseys are designed to be worn while riding a bike. The design and pattern of a big man's cycling jersey is cut for the cycling position. This means the arm holes are pushed forward and the sleeves are designed a bit differently. For our big man's jerseys, the proper fit for real cyclists that are big men is taken into account. There is room for your belly without looking like a dress. The shoulders and chest have generous room as well.

Try our big man's cycling jerseys and you will not be disappointed.