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No more numb feeling in the fingers because of ergonomically designed suede palms and gel Cycling Gloves styles and brands. We carry, full finger and finger less gloves. Waterproof and windproof gloves. Gloves with Gel and leather padding. Thermal breathable. Finger-less cycling gloves in a variety of fits and styles. We have bike gloves with gel padded palms that are great for absorbing shock. Also, traditional cotton crochet bike gloves in all sizes for adult and children. All items listed on this page enhance your comfort for longer rides. Enjoy yourself in comfort.

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How to Choose your Best Cycling Gloves

When you think of bike gear, cycling gloves may not be the first piece of equipment that comes to mind. But cycling gloves are important to consider since they protect your hands from slippage, chafing, the cold, vibrations,and in the case of a fall, abrasions.

Why Bike Gloves?

One of the biggest benefits of wearing cycling gloves is the added grip and control for safety. Moisture from sweat or rainy conditions can make your handlebars slippery. Without cycling gloves, chances of making a steering mistake while riding increase especially if you hit a bump. Protecting your hands with a glove that is breathable, with a sticky silicone grip, can add a layer of control to your handling. Gloves are often a snug fit with palms that are printed with silicone gel for exceptional grip. In addition to the grip-ability, here are more of the features to look for in best cycling gloves:

Shock Absorption - Often with an insert sewn into the palm area that is filled with gel or a poron foam that is strategically placed to absorb the shock from vibration. This helps alleviate numbness in the hands and arms. Many people ride with their weight forward using arms for support this can cause numbness as the weight and vibration put pressure on the nerves in the hands. Using a Spenco type gel in the palms will help absorb some of the numbing vibrations.

Easy on and Off - Better gloves have an added loop between the fingers for easy removal when hands are wet or swollen.

Breathability - Often you will see ventilation cutouts on the palm or mesh on the back of the hand. Most gloves are made with a stretchy back panels made of spandex and or Polyester mesh.

Crash protection - one of the first things we do when we crash is to break the fall with our hands. This puts the stones and gravel from impact into our palms and surrounding skin. The cuts and scrapes can be prevented by wearing cycling gloves. This is also true for riding through glass shards, with a glove we can reach over and wipe the tire.

Grip and Grab - Improved grip and comfort can be seen with a silicone enhanced palm that creates a slight sticky that helps us hold a firm grip when we hit unexpected bumps.

Padding can be thick or thin - The padding in cycling gloves vary widely depending on the cycling position on the bike, the type of cycling and a cyclists personal preferences. Some gloves have no padding and are ideal for many experienced cyclists. On the other hand, many have numb arms and hands while riding that can come fro a wide variety of reasons but mostly have to do with the weight and pressure on the nerves in the hands. A thicker gel padding can take the pressure off the nerve and reduce vibration. The gel padding helps reduce the vibration and shock from being absorbed into the arm and bones. This is especially important with the leaned over position on the bicycles.

Sweat absorption - Sweat dripping into your eyes on a hot day or an intense stretch of cycling can be dangerous and irritating. You won't have to stop to clear your eyes with a cycling glove that has a padded thumb that acts like a towel to wipe away sweat and drips during your ride.

Fabrics used in cycling gloves vary but typically have a leather or synthetic leather on the palm. The synthetic leathers are machine washable. The natural leathers break in to fit perfectly over time. As you are mostly riding in the summer, the fabrics on the back may matter for breathability in the heat.

Visibility - also a factor for gloves as most gloves have some reflective features for night time and are a sign of a higher quality cycling glove.

Prices - vary somewhat here, but most gloves vary because of the materials used in construction. A high quality glove that fits your hands, and protects from vibration and road rash is a priceless thing to have on a long bicycle tour.

By wearing cycling gloves, you'll also gain more protection from the constant friction between your hands and the bike's handlebars. This rubbing can cause blisters that will quickly make your ride less pleasurable. The padding in our cycling gloves also helps to ward off chronic conditions that have been linked with biking, such as numbness or carpal tunnel syndrome. What to consider for your own choice of the best cycling gloves

Types of Biking

The two most popular types of biking, mountain and road, require different cycling apparel. Therefore, they require different cycling gloves to protect you in various conditions.

Mountain Biking

When it comes to mountain biking, cycling gloves are essential for grip and protection. When riding trails or hopping down boulders, your hands need to act like an extension of your handlebars to maintain control. Choose a cycling glove that's textured on the palm for maximum grip. These cycling gloves should also have padding in the palm to protect your hands from injuries that can occur.

Because there's an added risk of crashing when mountain biking, cycling gloves should also be durable enough to withstand any impacts you may encounter while riding. Our gel-padded cycling gloves will help you use your hands to brace yourself if you do take a spill.

TIP:Make sure your cycling gloves fit properly. If they're too big, your hands could slide around while riding, negating the benefits of added grip. If they're too small, they can restrict blood circulation and cause numbness.

Road Cycling

Cycling gloves are crucial for road cycling, too, but for somewhat different reasons. Road bikes don't have the same suspension of mountain bikes, so any shock delivered by the road can travel up the fork, through the handlebars, and into your hands, possibly affecting your shoulders and back. Gel-padded road cycling gloves absorb shock to keep you more comfortable on a long ride.

Another feature of many road cycling gloves is a fleece or cloth patch on the thumb, which comes in handy if you've got a sweaty brow and want to keep your eyes clear. Serious cycling doesn't always leave time for stopping to use a towel, so such a feature is very handy to have.

Styles and Materials

When looking for cycling gloves, you'll come across two basic styles. Fingerless cycling gloves are great when you want to feel the brakes and shifters, and they also allow more breathability when biking in hot temperatures. They're more commonly used when road cycling.

Most mountain bikers prefer the greater grip and protection offered by full-finger cycling gloves. The extra coverage of these cycling gloves makes them a crucial part of cold-weather cycling apparel, as slow-moving or even numb fingers can certainly put a damper on your braking and shifting abilities.

Both types of cycling gloves are typically made of synthetic leather in the palm for protection against rubbing, and other synthetics, such as polyester and spandex, in the rest of the cycling glove for mobility and comfort. Most of our cycling gloves also feature breathability technology to minimize sweating.

Winter Riding

If you know that you'll be riding in cold weather, make sure to choose a pair of winter cycling gloves that will keep you warm and in control. Often these cycling gloves include fleece linings and insulating materials. A lobster-claw-style cycling glove is ideal for winter commutes, as these cycling gloves group your pinkie and ring fingers together for warmth, and your index and middle fingers for freedom to work handlebar controls.

Make no mistake about it, a good pair of cycling gloves will undoubtedly give you a better biking experience and keep you safe, whether you're riding miles on paved roads or splashing through mud on the side of a mountain.