Aero Tech BIG Men's Sprint Shorts - El Grande - Cycling Shorts Made in USA

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Men's Big or Plus size bicycle shorts

Big Man's El Grande Sprint Cycling Shorts - Made in USA

Get The Comfort You Need With These Highly Engineered Bike Shorts for Big Men. The soft grip leg hems add a high level of comfort once you start riding, they become invisible, feel like a second skin and keep your shorts in place to give you a smooth glide and no chafe. An essential part of the design is the function of the leg elastics which are soft, stretchy and easy to wear. The silicone elastic band is non-allergic so that anyone can wear them, even people with latex allergy. The legs of bike shorts stay put. FABRICS:  Nylon / Lycra Saddle Area, Polyester / Lycra Side Panels. 

You never have to think about the short, just enjoy the ride in amazing comfort. Get more Joy While You Spinning Down the Road!


* High quality fabric in the chafe zones is Nylon / Spandex
* Designer Print is sublimation printed for best brilliance in clarity
* Durable Lycra stretch fabric creates a tight fit without impeding movement
* Flat lock seam to prevent rubbing and abrasion
* Leg bands with silicone grip to keep shorts in place
* Waist elastic is one inch and doesn't roll or move
* Soft and silky lyrca fabric wicks away water to appear dry even in wet conditions
* Chamois pad is the Top shelf described below

Big Men Ride Longer with our Highly Engineered Ergonomic Chamois pad!

Top Shelf Chamois Pad is an anatomically designed pad for the bike riding position. The Multi-Level Pad M.L.P uses multi-level production technology and Multiple Layered Foams to improve comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle. Enjoy longer rides in the Big Man El Grande Bicycling Shorts with the Top Shelf Chamois Padding that offers comfort where you need it.

What makes this pad special? It is the fantastic fit that comes from a highly engineered design that fits all the curves that we have between the legs and around the body's pelvic area. The side wings on this pad offer up excellent fit around your legs and torso. This excellent fit is not available with one piece pads.

The surface of the chamois is antibacterial which is important to prevent the growth of bacterial which lead to saddle sores for long distance cyclists. Absorbs sweat, stays dry, and fits fabulously.

Pad Thickness: 10mm in saddle area, 5mm on sides Anatomical design for riding position: ergonomic concepts were employed for the design of this bike short that hugs the muscles for support and reduction of muscle fatigue.

The M.L.P (Multi-Level Pad) uses multi-level production technology to improve comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle. The new pad system incorporates the long established Hygienic fabric.

Foams: High Impact Perforated,Thickness: 10 mm total thickness on sit bones, 3Dimensional 10 mm 6 mm 5 mm, Density: 60 kg

Category: Long Distance Cycling Road or Mountain Biking. The pad system incorporates the log established Hygienic fabric. The a cycling seat pad made of polyester microfibers. The chamois pad is engineered across the ischial bones so that you can ride a long distance with your ischial bones padded.

The Top Shelf long distance chamois pad is 10 MM thick in saddle sit bones area. The best fitting chamois on earth - there is no other pad that will fit into your crotch curves better than this highly designed and engineered chamois pad. The bike short has a MLP (multi-level-pad) that is 3D engineered for effective support of the key sit bones. The keenly designed shape eliminates chafing and smooths out the crotch area for maximum comfort on long bicycle rides.

Ride Tips:
We recommend you grease up the pad with an anti-chafe cream when riding long distances.

If you want our thickest pad, try the elite chamois pad which is for 100 mile rides. It has a dense chamois pad that is our favorite for century rides.

Want the full kit? Get the El Grande Big Man's Cycling Jersey You can never get enough when it feels so right!


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Big Man Bike Shorts - Size Chart
Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)
2XL 42-44 9 1/2
3XL 46-48 9 1/2
4XL 50-52 9 1/2
5XL 54-58 9 1/2

Big Man's Cycling Apparel from Aero Tech Designs


6 Reviews

  • 3
    Comfortable but silly looking if you're fat

    Posted by Shawn on Jul 18th 2017

    I'm a fat guy. Wearing these really accentuates my gut -- which is really the last thing I want to accentuate. In general they are comfortable and a good fit. But if you're fat, you're better off looking for a liner that you can wear under regular shorts

  • 1
    Poor quality

    Posted by Cycling Todd on Jun 6th 2017

    Elastic around legs was loose after first use

  • 4

    Posted by Bil on Sep 26th 2016

    great pair of shorts., it's great getting a decent pair of bike shorts and not having to squeeze into a xl pair that other manufacturers only seem to make.

  • 5
    Very comfortable chamois

    Posted by Patrick on Oct 8th 2015

    This is my second model of cycling short from AeroTechDesigns; the initial model (ATD Big Man Pro Cycling Short - 8 Panel - Padded Bike Shorts) got too big because hey! I lost weight. :-)

    The fit is perfect, as expected, but the chamois is one of the main reasons for buying this model. I ride on an unpadded saddle, and being 300+ pounds, a well padded chamois is your friend.

    As a bonus these shorts and the coordinated jersey make me faster; I swear!!! OK, maybe they make me "look" faster, in my own mind...

  • 1
    Too short in rise

    Posted by Lynn Reiter on Sep 8th 2015

    Tall bike shorts are all too short in the rise. My husband is 6'4"...he cannot find any shorts to fit.

  • 5
    Matching jersey and shorts for big man!

    Posted by LR on Aug 25th 2015

    Great news!! I can finally get a kit for a big man. Thanks Aero Tech Designs Cycling Apparel.