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Big Road Shorts

Big Mans Cycling Shorts

Big Mans bike shorts are the the perfect fit for big guy looking to log some miles. Other cycling shorts might fit but are they be designed specifically for the bigger athlete? Aero Tech Designs Big Mans cycling shorts are designed from years of research and working with larger athletes to develop the perfect balance of performance and comfort. the fit Big Size Cycling Shorts support your muscles and pad your saddle.

The fabric is very stretchy so that you fit the garment like a second skin. Big Men's Cycling shorts should fit snug with the chamois pad held close to the skin. We have different short styles for the many different types of riders out there. Are you looking for some long distance rides? Then try out our new Elite Bike Shorts. the Elite Bike Shorts are designed for superior comfort and shock absorption on the saddle. A super padded chamois will keep you comfy for many miles. Are you more of a around the city or cafe' rider ? Try our Top Shelf Cycling Short , these shorts are just what they say, Top of the line comfort without Top of the line price. And the Top Shelf Short is slim enough to fit under any athletic short if spandex is not your thing. Make sure to check out our blog and email list for updates on new products and sales.