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Aero Tech Designs is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We are cyclists helping you find comfort!

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We Sell Comfort on the Bike

Aero Tech Designs is a cyclewear brand that manufactures our own products. We sell cycling apparel and bicycle gear online. We design and choose products that enhance your comfort on the bicycle. We put emphasis on technical design and try to provide the products and services that support your riding comfort.   We are committed to honesty and integrity in all our business relationships. Our goal is to produce the best possible products to serve our customers who ride.

We Ride Longer

Chris works hard to answer your questions and get your orders shipped on time. He is a bicycle commuter, braving the crazy Pittsburgh drivers on his way to work. He also rode his bike across the country - from Pennsylvania to Washington state.

He said that bicycle touring is a beautiful extension of cycling that allows you to   combine travel, exploration, and the thrill of new experiences and   challenges with the joys of riding that you already enjoy. With proper   planning, touring can be a refreshing new way to see the world, a more   engaging way to travel from one place to another, and a great way to   spend a vacation. Read Chris's blog post about what he learned while bicycle touring across the country.

Chis riding across America

We Ride Stronger

The Aero Tech Designs Factory Team is our local club that travels around the Pa, WV, Ohio, and Md area, and participates in different racing disiplines. This current year, the ATDFT has 12 members. We welcome all riders in our local area to come and be part of our organization. Our team is comprised of all types of riders and skill levels. The team mainly participates in road, mtb, and cx races. Our main focus is having fun, meeting new riders, and learning to be a better cyclist.  

Aero Tech Designs Factory Team

We Support "Made in USA"

Made in USA is an important part of our apparel line as we have made a commitment to production of cycling apparel in America. We hire local staff and we purchase our materials from the highest quality vendors available to   us. Some of our products are imported, but most are made in U.S.A. We manufacture products in five American factories, and we try to use American made fabrics, elastics, thread and labels. We create domestic jobs and support American workers. We have the latest technology to support our customers with fast production, fast shipping and excellent customer service to follow up any type of support needed to get the most out of our products.


Made in USA

Above - Norm cuts the high performance fabrics into parts for our sewing machine   operators. He is dedicated to your comfort on the bicycle. We make cyclewear in the United States.

Our Mission

Aero Tech Designs will innovate, design, and market, high quality cyclewear products that meet and exceed the needs of our   customers. Our products will enhance performance with emphasis on technical design. We are committed to honesty and integrity in all our business relationships.

Our Goal

To provide the best possible products; we will achieve this through our constant contact with our customers as they express their needs and wants. As our business grows, we will expand our product lines into other synergistic items. We will price our products fairly while maintaining a commitment to shareholder value.

Our Work

to support development of Bicycle Culture: We sponsor our local volunteer bicycle organizations.   We are supporting the Ohio River Trail Council to bring a bike trail through downtown Coraopolis that will connect the city of Pittsburgh to the Ohio River area. Another big sponsorship that we support is the yearly Pittsburgh Cycling Expo which is held in the city each Spring. The Pittsburgh Cycling expo is a benefit for the Montour Trail to create visibility and membership for the trail maintenance and infrastructure. We invite all the local trail organizations and local merchants and present about 70 vendors to our local bicycle culture. This event also creates a forum for local trail organizations to promote their trails to avid cyclists and hikers. This helps stimulate trail towns who build hospitality businesses around the cycle tourism.

Aero Tech also sponsors and serves the Pittsburgh area's primary bicycle advocacy organization - Bike Pittsburgh. This organization has created a master plan or vision to build out a safe infrastructure within the city to keep our cyclists safe on designated roads with greenways and sharrows. Bike Pittsburgh is in the process of implementing "Bike Share" which is catching on big time in many urban cities across the United States. Pittsburgh's bike share will be 50 stations and the bikes will be yellow. This is made possible by the hard work of many volunteers and the financial support of local foundations and a lot of active political planning. This makes our local community more bicycle friendly and a more progressive town. We may not be as cool as Portland or Madison, but we are working together to advance the mission of building safe bike-ways.  

Ride your mountain bike on the Hollow Oak Land Trust's new single track trail. The trust is a local land conservatory organization that seeks to protect our watershed and reptile habitat. They just opened an exciting single track - mountain bike trail down the road from our shop. We are thrilled to have so much local activity and support from avid and hard working volunteers.

We continue to support our local bicycle advocacy organizations and will do our part in building bicycle culture for future generations to enjoy.   See you on the road....

Our History

Our founder, Cathy Schnaubelt Rogers fell in love with cycling at age 12, where she   attended a girl scout camp with her spider bike. From this   humble beginning, she has ridden all over the world. Cathy has bicycle toured   self contained with panniers across the United States riding from Tampa, Florida up the east coast to Cape Cod Massachusetts. She also has bicycle toured through eight European countries. The most she ever rode in one day is   140 miles! Cathy   is an avid cyclist. She is a former USCF licensed bike racer, who   cycled for the University of South Florida in many sanctioned races. In     addition, she was a competitive triathlete.

Cathy continues to ride in bicycle tours and organized bicycle events. Ms.   Rogers describes her fascination with the bicycle as a form of neurosis   or disease that she can't shake off. She collects bike art and describes   her home as a shrine to the   bicycle. She says: "Riding my bicycle makes me happy" which is the essence of her love affair with the bicycle.

Check out Cathy's Big Ride Across America Blog she is the first woman to ride an electric bicycle across the United States. She was able to test and fine tune our cycling gear while riding 85 miles a day. The Big ride is 3300 miles in 48 days from Seattle, Washington to Washington DC. You too, can participate in the Big Ride Across America, it is held June through August, see more here:
The Big Ride across America

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Our People are Our Most Important Part

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Need Custom Cycling Kits or Team Jerseys?

Pedal Across Wisconsin Participants tested our high visibility 3M reflective jerseys while riding 70 miles a day through the country roads. The week long tour had a few hills with endless sky that surround lush, green landscape. Wisconsin has lots of lakes and water to make the area rich with vitality and growth. The cows and goats thrive in the expansive pastures. It is true, the cows are happy in Wisconsin.

We have a fantastic Custom Club and Team Cycling Apparel   product offerings for all sizes including big and tall. Full custom is a way to make your team standout from the others and it is only limited by your imagination. Using cutting edge sublimation technology, we are able to create designs that use multiple colors, logos, design elements, text, and many more. Aero Tech Designs Custom is paving the way with quality kits and great customer service. Full custom is a way to make your team standout from the others and it is only limited by your imagination. Using cutting edge sublimation technology, we are able to create designs that use multiple colors, logos, design elements, text, and many more. Aero Tech Designs Custom is paving the way with quality kits and great customer service