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Women's Chamois Pad Options

Types of Bike Short Chamois Pads, how to choose a style

women's touring shortsFitting into spandex bike shorts is very easy for most women because the shorts are very stretchy. This means you could wear a size too small or a size too big and still be comfortable while cycling. Cycling shorts typically have a chamois pad stitched into the bicycle seat area of the garment. This pad needs to be stretched smooth across the saddle area to maximize it's purpose to protect the rider from chafe and abrasion. Try a pair of bike shorts on your body, and you should be able to run your hand across your crotch area and feel smoothness without any bunching.

Bike Shorts work best when they fit snug with the chamois padding held tight to your skin. It is best for bike shorts to fit snug and offer compression (muscle massage). When bike shorts are too big, the chamois moves around and may create an opportunity for rubbing or abrasion.

Women's Bike Short Reviews - is a page that demonstrates many different styles of women's bike shorts that have a chamois pad sewn inside. The features built into a pair of women's bike shorts often are designed around the function of a bicycle rider. There are many types of cyclists on the road, so there is a similar variety of bike shorts. Leg grippers or some type of leg compression is important for cycling shorts to stay in place. During long distances, the constant motion of the muscles may cause the shorts tend to ride up if they don't have some type of compression or grip on the legs. On the other hand, short distance riders don't want the leg elastic. So both types are available depending on your personal preference.

There are a variety of prices and thicknesses available in the chamois pad. Beginners want a thicker pad, triathletes use a thinner pad, long distance riders have several choices but generally prefer a dense pad. Aero Tech's padded cycling shorts are for women who ride bicycles. Get Full details on the density and thickness of each chamois pad on this page: bike-short-chamois-pads.html

Examples of Chamois Pads inside Bike Shorts for Women

Gel Filled Chamois These pads are ideal for long distance and for cyclists who are moving up in their mileage and rides of shorter duration where the butt needs relief from the saddle area. Bicycle Underwear These under garments are worn under normal looking shorts or pants, they are usually mesh with a chamois pad.
women's gel chamois pad women's air gel
Women's Gel Padded Touring Shorts Women's Elite Air Gel Chamois Padded Underliner
Thin Pads like theand theare great for experienced cyclists who are comfortable on their saddle or for triathletes who want one garment for swim, bike, run and multiple sports. Prevents abrasion and rubbing. The key feature is anti chafe. - Also see Anti Chafe Creams
triathlon chamois pad pro shorts chamois pad
Women's Triathlon Shorts Women's Proshort Padded Bike Short

Dense Pads These pads are in the elite category and are best for high mileage and century rides over 50 miles. They have a fantastic density with perforations for breathability. These pads stay dense and cool over long distances. Baggy / MTB Baggy or loose fitting bike shorts are often called ATB or They are two shorts in one, a padded liner inside a loose fitting stretch outer short. The Shorts are loose so they have great freedom of movement, air flow and modest look about them.

womens top shelf bike short pad womens century short
Top Shelf Long Distance or Women's MTB Mountain bike shorts. Women's Century Cycling Thick Padded Bike Short
Entry Level Pads- Leasure pads for Beginners who need cushioning on moderate rides up to about 30 miles.
womens classic padded bike short pad leasure chamois
Women's Classic Padded Bike Short Leasure Rider Mini Pad