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Tall Man's Cycling Apparel

Tall Man's Cycling Apparel

Tall men love to ride in comfort without tugging at the garments to stretch them into place. Worry free cycling gear from Aero Tech Designs for tall men who need added length in the torso or legs. We have longer sleeves, longer inseams and a longer rise in the body of these garments. Specifically designed for tall individuals who may not be "big" yet need the added length for their tall height. Read More Below...

Cycling Jerseys - Why Do I Need One?

Think you can use just any old shirt for road biking or hitting the trails? You can, but you won't get too far in a cotton tee. With the right cycling apparel, especially when it comes to cycling jerseys, you'll be able to ride longer and feel stronger on your bike.

Aero Tech Men's High Quality Bike Jerseys - Lots of Styles and Choices

A cycling jersey is a simple garment made of moisture-wicking technical fabric, usually with a front zipper and pockets on the back. You don't have to be a professional racer to benefit from wearing a bicycle jersey. Whether you are a recreational beginner or a hardcore cyclist, our jerseys will offer several benefits to keep you feeling strong on your ride.


Tall Detour Jersey Front DetailThe fabric used in cycling jerseys is designed to wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry, cooler, and more comfortable in warm weather. This wicking effect also helps prevent getting chilled during cold weather rides. The fabric in most bike jerseys is made from polyester and the fibers/fabric are designed in such a way to help keep moisture from the skin.

The three main methods are:
*Increasing the surface area of the individual fibers
*Constructing the fabric so there is a "waffle-like" texture that exposes more of the fibers to air
*Using a wicking fabric that creates a "pulling" effect, where the moisture is pulled away from your skin to the outer surface of the jersey where it can evaporate more quickly

CoolMax Logo

WickAway Logo

The main method we utilize at Aero Tech Designs is the use of wicking or hydrophobic material, like polyester or nylon. Some fiber brands we employ include Coolmax and WickAway, as they exemplify the important aspect of using a synthetic fabric for fitness activity. Cotton is not found in cycling jerseys because it absorbs perspiration and rather than evaporating it, the cotton retains it. This makes the shirt wet, heavy and uncomfortable. The wet neckline from a cotton garment can cause chaffing and irritation really quick.

With high-quality jerseys, the wicking polyesters stay dry in both the heat and the cold and make an ideal cycling material. The high performance polyester fibers are soft as cotton and feel soft, luxurious and rich. Carbon or Silver fibers in the knit can prevent bacteria and body odor. High end fabrics also prevent exposure to UV rays. Some manufacturers offer UV protective Coolmax bike jerseys in long sleeves to protect the arms from the sun.

The difference between a t-shirt and a cycling jersey is that the jersey is designed to fit a person on a bike. Cycling Jerseys are usually cut for the cycling position. This means the arms are forward for cycling, so a good cycling jersey has a special sleeve that has extra length in the back and a cutout in front. This makes the fit of the garment support the forward position of the arms. In addition the back of a cycle jersey is longer than the front. Often you will see the front of a bike jersey to be shorter and rounded for the seated position on a bicycle. Cycling jerseys are also designed to stay put when the rider leans forwards, while t-shirts don’t. A cycling jersey will have silicone grippers or band of tighter fabric on the sleeves and along the bottom hem, meaning it won’t ride up as you lean forwards, or slip on your arms.

The fit of our Aero Tech jerseys can be split into three general categories:

Premier - A Race-cut jersey that is snug and form-fitting, like the ones you see pros use. The jersey tapers from the shoulders to the waist to fit a more athletic build. The set-in sleeves include a power cuff to keep the sleeve up against the skin while racing.

Sprint - Our Entry-level jersey has a slightly looser cut than the Premier, but it fits a broader range of cyclists. The set-in sleeves give bikers a pro look without the pro fit.

Peloton- Our fuller, club-cut fits more like a t-shirt. The sleeves are a raglan style, meaning the fabric gives a rounded look to the shoulders and feel less restrictive.

How a jersey should fit is personal preference, but we suggest comparing chest measurements with our size charts as a guideline. A good tip when buying a cycling jersey is to actually lean down, as though riding a bike, in the changing room. The jersey should not ride up – if it does, you need another size, or another jersey. Buy one and don't like the fit? Check out our Returns Policy for refunds and exchange information.

Rear Cycling Pockets

BACK POCKETS - A traditional cycling jersey has back pockets that are easy to reach when riding a bike. Most riders like an open elastic back pocket that can easily be accessed with one hand to retrieve items needed while riding - usually a snack, music player or keys. The rear pockets on a well-designed garment are not at the bottom of the jersey but rather set up higher so the pocket is on the small of the back. This pocket placement prevents heavy loads from snagging the bike saddle when the rider stands or rides up hills.

ZIPPERED NECKLINE - Another traditional item you will find on a cycle jersey is the zippered neckline. It enables the bike rider to vent heat or conserve heat depending on the stage of the ride. Typically the zipper is lowered during intense activity like going up hills and then pulled up during downhill descents to prevent excess wind on the chest and to keep the collar from flapping around in the wind.

REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS - A must for high visibility in low light conditions. The best places for reflective elements are below the rear pockets in the back or on the left side of the jersey.

Expressions Tall Jersey Red

Jerseys come in a variety of designs from low-key to extravagant. Some of the popular ones today are either replicas of jerseys that the pro teams wear, ones that feature a nostalgic product (like our Retro Celeste Cyclewear Jersey), or another creative design. If you ride in traffic frequently, consider getting a color that the cars will easily notice. Besides the traditional short sleeve jersey, there are sleeveless jerseys for the hottest days. And long sleeve jerseys made in a variety of materials that are suitable for riding in temperatures from the low 60s down into the 30s. Bike Jerseys can feature advertising, popular cycling events and clubs or teams, so see our Custom Printed Cycling Jerseys for your next event.

Read our guide all about cycling jerseys. We have the latest on-trend style ways and sell great fitting cyclewear brands. We sell regular men's jerseys in a fit that is athletic and trim, also loose fitting garments that fit real American men. We also sell men's tops in tall bike jersey sizes and Big men's biking jerseys.. We also have the latest brands of cycling apparel in our lineup including North Face, Campagnolo, Louis Garneau, Primal, World Jerseys, Smartwool etc.