Aero Tech BIG Men's Classic 2.0 PADDED Bike Shorts - USA Made

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Men's "BIG" Classic 2.0 Bike Shorts

The Anti-Chafe Padded Shorts for Big Men.  They Feel like a Second Skin!

big man's charcoal bike short

* Made in U.S.A. - Pittsburgh, Pa.
* Big Sized Padded Bike Shorts have color design lines
* Legs are Elastic Free - with a fold over, stretchy hem
* Very High Quality fabric is all-way stretch for freedom to move!
* Shorts are made with a abrasion resistant 84% Nylon/16% Spandex
* Material is high end 84% stretch nylon tricot knitted with 16% Spandex durable yet soft yarns
* Spandex content creates second skin support with light compression
* Light compression that move with a massaging support
* Short's waist is a soft, 1 inch non-binding elastic that stays in place
* Leg won't ride up - yet are elastic free!
* Waist and legs are hemmed with bartacked ends
* Flatlocked primary seams are soft, smooth
* Flat stitching is stretchable with 5 threads for durability

Ride Longer and Feel Stronger

New Classic 2.0 Seamless Chamois Padding is made of long lasting anti-shock foams for adding comfort to your bicycle saddle area. The foam pad is light and not dense.  It is a cellular urethane is designed to last for life of the short.  It is breathable in that it lets water vapor and perspiration move away from the body. This pad resists abrasion, is smooth, and lightly pads you where you need it most.  
* The pad's cells are open cell structure which allow water transportation
* Absorbs shock without bottoming out.
* Highly Engineered for cycling comfort.

made in U.S.A.
Foams: Dual Density and High Anti-Chafe Protection
Thickness 11 mm total thickness on sit bones
2 mm engineered side wings with specialized cutting technology
Category: Easy Cycling or Spinning
Fabric: 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex
Density 27 kg


The *New* Classic 2.0 Chamois Padding will not harden or soften with use.   The pad's cells are "open cell structure" which allow water transportation while maintaining its ability to prevent chafe and provide freedom for movement


Big Man Classic Shorts - Size Chart
Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)
3XL 50-52 9
4XL 54-56 9 1/2
5XL 58-60 9 1/2
84% Nylon 16% Spandex