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Comfort For Every Body

We strive to offer the most extensive collection of size-inclusive cycling apparel in the industry.

Comfort for every body is more than a tagline. It’s what we focus on every day when we come to work. We propose one simple, but neglected question in the cycling industry which is: how can we make cycling more comfortable for every person who gets on a bike. Comfort is the keyword. If you are more comfortable, you will ride longer. If you ride longer, you will have more fun. A person’s size does not affect this, and that is why we do not see size as an obstacle to having fun.
We have been a size-inclusive company since our founding. Our bike shorts and jerseys are based on our patterns and designs. Unlike other companies that import ‘off-the-shelf’ patterns, you will not find our fit anywhere else.

Over 10,000 Customer 5 Star Reviews

"I wear a women's 3X, and I have been buying their products for more than 20 years. I purchase the padded ones and wear the regular ones in the warmer months and their wonderful fleece during the winter. I also bought lovely shorts and tops as well. I haven't ever received a garment with an unfinished seam or anything but top drawer workmanship. I highly recommend this company!!!"

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Custom Apparel - Team Stoked Cycles

We Can Create Your Custom Look for Your Club or Team

Aero Tech Designs Custom is proudly made in the USA. We custom design, print, assemble, and ship all of our kits from our factory located in Pittsburgh, PA. We are at the forefront of the custom sublimation process with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Our designers can take an idea and turn it into a masterpiece. We see every club or team as a great story, and we want to help tell yours.

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2022 Race To The Moon Recap

The 7th annual Race to the Moon was held on Sunday September 11. Moon Park serves as the start and finish and the course and takes riders through the privately owned, but open to the public, @hollowoaklandtrust. History buffs will be intrigued to know the land atop the hills used to house Nike missiles in concrete silos to protect the Pittsburgh International Airport during the Cold War. ⁠

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This year Eric Bergman, Zack Lawton, and Nate Omasta made their way to Alameda Park in Butler, PA, for the second round of the Month of Mud series. The course is deceptive. Many think that the race is relatively easy compared to some other rounds because of the fast and flowy nature of the trails, but that is far from the case.

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Davis and Thomas West Virginia

Don’t sleep on West Virginia. Don’t let the national stereotypes sully your opinion of the locals. Don’t underestimate the lushness of the forests, and please do not discredit the grandiosity of the mountain landscape. West Virginia is among the most friendly, cultured, and beautiful places in the US.

Look for the "Made in U.S.A." in the Descriptions

Made in USA is an important part of our apparel as we have made a commitment to production in America. We support American factories and hire local staff. In addition, we purchase our materials from the highest quality vendors available to us. We support several American fabric knitting mills and employ our own factory in our own state of Pennsylvania. Some of our cyclewear products are imported, but most are made in U.S. Our goal at Aero Tech Designs is to produce the best possible cycling products to serve our customers who want comfort. We sell comfort on the bike and have been selling products online with great success. For the past few years we have consistently achieved brand loyalty and retained our customers for repeat purchases.

We are dedicated to making high quality, technically designed bicycling products that create brand loyalty and repeat customers. Aero Tech Designs has a great staff of experienced cyclists to put together a collection of clothing that has variety with form and function. Our founder, Cathy Schnaubelt Rogers has been designing and manufacturing cyclewear for over thirty years for many big brands including: Descente, Bike Nashbar, Terry Bicycles, Head, Frank Shorter, Giant and many other companies. We dressed Lance Armstrong when he was a rookie in Texas. We are experts!

Our Cycling Apparel Is Made With Pride In The USA

Aero Tech Designs is a cyclewear company. We create comfort on your bicycle to ride longer and feel stronger. We are in Pittsburgh, PA. We sell bicycle gear online to help our fellow cyclists find their comfort zone. Some of our favorite products are the Gel Touring Short, 3M Slasher Tights, USA Softshell Jacket, and more. We manufacture many products at our sewing facility in Pgh, but we also use other manufacturers in the United States. From time to time, we do import a product when needed. We like to consider ourselves experts in designing and manufacturing high-quality bike shorts and cycling apparel. From the fabrics to the chamois, we use the most premium materials available that are long-lasting and add comfort to your bicycle rides. We create incredible designs with highly functional features that make a more comfortable cycling environment.

Bicycling creates joy and feelings of fun and freedom. There is nothing like it. So, when you want to make it last longer, try some padded bike shorts to cushion your butt and stretch like a second skin for freedom of movement while cycling.

New to Cycling Apparel?

If you want an overview of the specifics of cycling apparel and the utility they provide, follow the link to a brief overview of cycling apparel. We go over the most popular features in today's cycling apparel market. We will give you the essential details that make cycling apparel a worthwhile investment. Not all cycling apparel is spandex and skin tights. There are plenty of choices that are loose-fitting and normal-looking. Commuter clothing, for example, is very high-end performance gear yet appears to be regular daily clothing. You can also get the details on bike jerseys by reading about the wicking fabrics we use and the features that make them so popular with cyclists. We have been selling cycling apparel for over 30 years. Some aspects of the cycling apparel business never change. Namely, your desire to ride in comfort. We strive to create cycling apparel that is invisible.  Good cycling clothing fits well and stretches with movement. The fabrics resist abrasion and comfort the ischial bones on the bicycle saddle.

Looking for the Best Chamois Pads

While there are many variables to consider when selecting cycling apparel, one factor to consider is the chamois pad sewn into the saddle area. There are many opinions on what shape is best, what the thickness should be, and what material makes the chamois; foam or gel. Molded chamois pad construction is a one seamless piece design. Two-piece chamois designs use stitched-on side panels, which gives the pad a great fit. Both are good options, and the debate about which is best is up to the user. Given all the types of bicycle riders and all of the personal preferences within each of these cycling domains, it is no wonder we have to spend much time looking into our options to understand the choices available to us as cyclists. As the chamois pads evolve into a high-end science, the basic idea of a soft ride will never go out of style.

If you want to get into the details of the chamois pad, see this page on: How to Get Comfortable Cycling with Chamois Padded Bike Shorts. We also sell replacement foam chamois pads that you can use to upgrade or repair your older bike shorts.