Plus Women's Cycling Apparel and Gear

Why buy "Plus Women" cycling clothing?

Are you getting ready to have fun cycling? Let us get you on the road in comfort. We love to ride and understand how to provide you the extra comfort you need to ride longer and feel stronger.

Finding the Right Fit for Plus Women's Full Figure

Shopping for cycling apparel can be intimidating, especially for plus size women, who feel it’s harder to find something that fits right and looks good. At Aero Tech Designs, we understand women cyclists come in all shapes and sizes. We believe riding a bike is something fun everyone should get to enjoy.  Plus size cycling apparel doesn't have to fit tight like spandex to work well on a long bicycle ride. Our women's Gail jersey is flattering for a plus women's figure, which has nice style lines and fits loose and airy without being baggy. The collar is loose around the neck yet high enough to cover up. When it comes to the needs of a full figure cycling short, we offer a variety styles. The baggy shorts are loose fitting on the outer shell with a snug bike short on the inside as a liner. If you want to wear your own stretch clothing, you can find a liner short that coverts any short into a padded cycle short. On this page you will find plus size jackets, cycle capri, shorts and jerseys.