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Anti Chafe Creams - How to Use Chamois Creams

Anti Chafe Creams - How to Use Chamois CreamsAnti Chafe Creams - Chamois Butter - Body Glide These anti chafing creams help you glide softly with movement of your legs and arms. Exercise and move longer without chafing. Read More Below...

How to Use Chamois Creams

If you are a frequent cyclist or take longer rides, chamois cream is a necessary part of your shopping. You may have noticed that constant chafing sometimes gives you saddle sores which leave you disgustingly irritated. Chamois cream helps get rid of friction between your skin and clothes as you cycle. It avoids the build-up of bacteria which can cause infections.

How To Apply Chamois Cream - Tips & Tricks

Blue Steel Anti-Chafe CreamSelect the Chamois Cream of Your Choice
There is quite a variety to choose from. These chamois cream have different ingredients, but they all keep bacteria and fungi away from your skin.

Decide Whether To Apply The Cream On Your Skin Or Pad
The choice on whether to use the cream on your bare skin or the cycling pads is a personal decision. However, some people believe applying it on the skin is weird because it feels like it dampens the shorts. It all depends on how comfortable you are in whichever choice you make, since the protective solution on both methods is the same. You should not be wearing underwear with bike shorts.

Identify The Most Sensitive Spots
The main aim of chamois cream is to act as a lubricant and reduce the friction that occurs due to chaffing. Due to your cycling routine, you will find that you have some areas that become sore due to the friction. In most cases itís is usually the nether regions especially the crotch, sit bones, and the inner thighs. Get to know and identify those key hot spot areas that you get burning feeling and concentrate on them.

Apply Cream Generously
Before you start cycling, apply a generous amount of it onto your skin or on the shortís pad. Don't apply too much or it can soak through the shorts down to your saddle. A thin, even layer is best. You can either warm it up with your hands or rub it evenly on the pad.

Hoo Ha Feminine Chamois CreamBe Careful On The Body Parts
This part is, particularly for lady cyclers. When you apply some of these creams, be cautious not to touch the lady parts. These parts can be very sensitive, and the results can be a distracting tingling sensation which may be quite unpleasant and uncomfortable for you.

Clean Off The Cream
Immediately after you apply the cream with your hands, ensure you wash your hands generously before you touch your bicycle. You can use water or wet wipes to ensure you are clean enough. Your hands are contaminated when you use the cream, ensure not to touch foodstuff especially or rubbing off the remains of the cream on your legs. After you ride, it is also good that you take a shower or clean off the cream properly from your body and allow it to breathe. If you are in no position to take a shower immediately after cycling, ensure you remove the bike short. Clean the shorts well with soaps. This is because the cream is quickly absorbed in the shorts and failure to wash well can cause the bacteria and fungi to build up over time.

Other Tips
*Avoid Eye Contact
When putting on chamois cream, never look anyone in the eye. Itís awkward, especially for non-cyclists who have no idea what youíre doing. To them you just look creepy. Also be aware that we all have a certain face we make when weíre putting our hand down our shorts to apply chamois cream.Chamois Butter tub

*Share Tubes, Not Tubs
Donít borrow chamois cream from a tub. You know at some point someone probably double dipped. Use the tub at home, and a tube on the road.


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