Aero Tech BIG Men's Sprint Jersey - Clydesdale Hardy Drafter - Cycling Jersey

Aero Tech Designs

Fit: Big
Fabric: AeroDri
Size Chart: Fit and Size Chart


Men's Big Sized Clydesdale Hardy Drafter - Plus Size Cycling Jersey

Clydesdale: Hardy Drafter 

Big Man's Cycling Jersey - Stays Dry, Very Breathable.


* Full length separating zipper
* 3 Back Pockets are easy to reach
* Generous Tailored Fit is loose and easy to wear
* Snug Bottom hem won't flap in the wind
* Sleek Design Lines are flattering
* Elastic Around the Bottom Hem keeps it in place
* Sizes 2XL - 5XL for Big size men who cycle


* Manufacturer: Aero Tech Designs
* Fabric: 100% Wickaway Polyester
* Country of Origin: USA 

Aero Tech Designs Big Man Jersey - Size Chart
  Size Chest (inches)  
2XL 42-46
3XL 48-52
4XL 54-56
5XL 58-60

The Clydesdale horse inspired this beautifully designed, plus size cycling jersey. We were inspired by the use of a Clydesdale in an Amish farm in rural Indiana. The strength demonstrated by this big draft horse is truly amazing as a working breed. You can see them working in the organic farm fields of the Amish people. The Clydesdale horse, came from the farms in Clydesdale, Scotland. The Clydesdale is an immensely strong, barrel-chested horse. It was originally bred for hauling and doing farm work and is still used for these purposes today. The Hardy Drafter cycling jersey tries to capture the strength and essence of strength and stamina within the Clydesdale horse.

The Clydesdale term is used to describe "big" athletes, and now there are competitive divisions in big races which categorize people based on weight minimums outlined in the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules. Athletes competing in the Clydesdale division must be a minimum of 220 pounds and athletes in the Athena division must be a minimum of 165 pounds. Clydesdale & Athena National Championships.

USA Triathlon

3M reflective back pocket

3m scotchlite reflective material

Reflective Tab below the 3 easy to reach back pockets.

Machine wash warm, 40 °C (105°F) Tumble dry low

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100 % Wick-Away Polyester