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PAD Women's Ventilated Fit and Trim Cycling Pad - Sew In Chamois
PAD Women's Ventilated Skinny Girl Cycling Pad - Sew In ChamoisPAD Women's Ventilated Skinny Girl Cycling Pad - Sew In Chamois

PAD Women's Ventilated Fit and Trim Cycling Pad - Sew In Chamois

Brand:Aero Tech Designs
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Ride Longer with our Women Specific ergonomic Chamois pad!

Women's Padded Mini Bike Short has a multi density chamois pad.  Made by Elastic Interface Technologies, the pad's face is a Coolcube fabric which has a three-dimensional construction.  The face is a soft fleecy - brushed Bacteriostatic polyamide cube design textured material which comes in direct contact with the skin to help prevent chafing and irritations. The polyester cube works at a lower level improving moisture management and promoting quick-dry functions. This special combination of fibers gives a lower temperature feeling at touch and provides the wearer a cooling effect.  Cycling pad has a very dense thickness on the ischial bones (80 Kg/M2) and a thinner area between the legs to keep this pad feeling lightweight and easy to wear. 

CyTech (pad designers) states that a great pad will have these features:  WELL-BALANCED ELASTICITY - It should have elasticity that adapts to the shorts fabric and to the movement of the cyclist.  VARIED DENSITY - It should have different densities to provide different levels of protection and support for different areas of the body.  CORRECT POSITIONING - The different densities and thicknesses need to be correctly positioned according to precise anthropometric parameters.  VARIED STRUCTURES - Different shapes for men and women cyclists because of the different conformation of their perineal and genital-urinary areas.  ANATOMIC DESIGN - The design should allow the bikepad to adapt to the cyclist's anatomy and guarantee maximum protection during movement. 

* The Coolcube fabric on the face on the chamois is a brushed polyester and polyamide construction for quick-dry.
*  Length 11 inches / Width 8 3/4 inches (277 X 175 MMM).
*  Pad offers protection with a Bacteriostatic polyamide cubed fabric
*  Foam Density of 80 Kg to help you ride longer and feel stronger
*  Perforation throughout the pad for lightness and breathability. 

women specific mini bike pad

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By Ann Siegle
July 6, 2017
Great option if you love to sew your own cycling gear!
With the many fun prints out there in sport lycra fabric, sewing your own shorts, capris and tights is easy and fun (they take just about 20 minutes to sew, not including the chamois). I upgrade my ready to wear cycling shorts with new chamois pads as well - I like the width of the 'frame' of this pad - it's wider than most of the ones found in the cycling shorts I bought through cycle clubs and events, and when sewn in, the wider frame (the part that is not contoured) doesn't hit me where the saddle chafes. I found the sewing instructions easy to follow, and clever, especially the part about the 'dropping' (moving the pad forward 1.5"). I have sewn this pad into a pair of capri leggings that I made, and I've sewn the kids' pads into shorts as well. The pad itself is comfortable to wear.
By sandy
April 2, 2017
sewing instructions need improvement
I haven't cycled in it yet, just wanted to comment on the sewing instructions. There were a couple of unclear instructions: "pin at notches" seems clear enough, but I couldn't find notches, except for center front and back, and I don't think that's what was meant. Also, "find center back and drop 1.5 inches" Drop? not a sewing term. Maybe "mark center back and pin 1.5 inches towards the front"? I'm still not sure what dropping means.
By e
February 29, 2016
Just what I wanted!
I had stitched for myself a pair of running shorts that were great - but really, they would be better as cycling shorts. But where to find a chamois? I could mock up a pad myself - layers of terrycloth or whatever. Hurray for the internet, which led me to Aerotech and their sew in chamois, and better still, a chamois designed for women. I ordered - and it arrived quickly! It was easy to sew into my shorts. A few rides (30 - 40 minutes each) and they work great. Much better than a home-made pad would have been. Looking forward to making more gear.