PAD - Elite Long Distance Air Gel Chamois - Replacement Cycling pad

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Aero Tech Elite Men's Chamois Pad

Elite Chamois Pad - Our new Favorite!  Carbon Enhanced for natural Antibacterials

Men's or Women's Elite Chamois Pad - Long Distance, Sew-in Replacement Bicycing padmen's elite gel pad

Men's Elite Chamois Pad  /  Women's Elite Chamois Pad

This chamois pad has a fabric surface from Eschler bioactive. Eschler is the best of class for high certification standards that guarantee their ability to wick perspiration, quickly evaporating moisture. Natural antibacterial properties from silver ions in yarn. Color: Charcoal

The Italian made chamois pad is excellent for long distance road or mountain bike rides. It has a seamless surface design with a three dimensional combination of foams fitted together like a puzzle engineered to absorb road shock and act like a pillow on the saddle. The fit is anatomically designed with a combination of elasticity and density. This pad tested in the excellent category by our product development team.

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Women's Elite Chamois Pad - Long Distance

womens elite chamois pad






air gel foam


Category:  Long Distance Cycling Road or Mountain Bikingelite chamois

Foams:  Multi Density and High Protection

Size:  13 3/4 inches by 8 3/4 or 35.5 cm x 21 cm

Thickness:  15 mm Total Thickness on Sit bones
3 Dimensional 10 mm 6 mm 4 mm

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  • 5
    Ancient pants, ride as new.

    Posted by Michiel Vincent de Jong on Nov 17th 2018

    I had 2 ancient (>> 10 years) pants from AGU, long-legged ones for late autumn and early winter. Ancient enough to have 1st generation Nalini chamois, much better than real chamois leather, but in the end it will become rough, stiffen up and finally tear and break down into a powder. After removing the old pads, I used them for some time with padded underwear, which is noticable but acceptable on the road, but a disaster when riding MTB in rain and mud.

    In spite of the age the fabric was still perfect, and the pants more comfortable than anything I found for the same temperature-range (in spite of me loving Gore Bikewear products). I found these replacement pads, and having now ridden about 120 km with them, I just didn't notice they were there.

    The instructions were very clear, and sewing was no great task for an indifferent sewer like me with a decent sewing-machine. One thing I had to change in the procedure : due to the long legs and relative heavy fabric I initially ran into problems pinning down the sides, the fabric kept moving and stretching too much. I needed to use about 5-6 pins to first pin down the pad along the center seam of the pants, after that the fabric stayed in place and pinning along the sides was no problem.

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    For me, this is excellant!

    Posted by Dan on Oct 1st 2018

    Have ridden three times with this chamois, 50 plus miles each ride. I had a very bad hamstring injury playing High School football & have a lot of scar tissue around my left sit bone. This chamois is the best chamois I have ridden with! It has a little larger footprint, lets say, than others I have ridden with, & provided excellent support & comfort without binding or chafing, or inflamation to the scar tissue. It has worked great for me & I will purchase again!

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    Long diistance air gel replacement pad

    Posted by Marie on Aug 11th 2018

    I make my own bike shorts and have never been able to make comfortable padding. I tried these and I love them! I've done two 20-mile rides since I put these in a pair of shorts and I have not been this comfortable in a very long time. I've ordered a couple more. Definitely worth the cost. Installation in an existing pair of shorts is a little tricky but if you're careful you'll be fine. I pinned mine with safety pins and then zigzagged from the inside (on the edge of the pad). Done!

  • 5

    Posted by dog owner on Sep 12th 2017

    I used to pad protective pants for my dog, to enable a pressure wound to heal. Cut it in half and sewed it around opening for tail.

  • 4
    Elite long distance pad

    Posted by Chris Scoggins on May 9th 2017

    This pad is alot more comfortable than the butt pillow pad . It's wider and I think that really helps

  • 1
    poor quality

    Posted by Phyllis on Feb 8th 2017

    I am returning this item.. the quality is extremely poor!

  • 5
    Great idea

    Posted by Ray on Nov 17th 2016

    This chamois is a great replacement for the OEM chamois in my Castelli cold weather long tights. The OEM one didn't cover my "sit" bones when in a relaxed riding position but this one is perfect. My only challenge was I could not find a tailor who had a zig-zag pattern sewing machine. So my tailor used a regular straight line machine and applied 3 parallel lines around the chamois with the 3rd line as close to the edge as possible. This is working out well.

  • 2
    poor instructons for this pad

    Posted by John on Jul 13th 2016

    My wife who is an experienced sewer had difficulty understanding the instructions for sewing this pad. She was able to sew another type of pad of aerotech, but not this one. Seems like a nice pad, it will be returned and I will order the elite shorts Its too bad the elite shorts don't come in other colours such as the royal blue in the entry level shorts. The black is too blah and so common

  • 5
    a revelation

    Posted by Serena on Jun 11th 2016

    If you attach an elastic loop at the back and a non-elastic loop at the front, you can then sling it from a sanitory-towel belt - after putting a panty liner on it. You can then wear it instead of underwear under any shorts/trousers and it is very easy to wash out and quick to dry. It made 2 weeks of touring (average 50miles/day) with very little 'stuff', possible and hygienic. I have to tug it forwards sometimes - but that's easy enough! It also arrived in the UK really quickly (4 days?). I am very pleased to have discovered these pads.

  • 5

    Posted by Elzbieta on Jul 31st 2015

    This was a second pad that I bought from you, this time for my husband. Besides, that I love your product itself,to begin with the, the silly reason that we chose your company over others was, that you sent me that cute key chain bike, and my husband wanted to have it for his keys, too. So, please know that the little bikes are very important to your clients. Now, all my biker friends are asking us where did we got them.
    Don't loose this detail. That's how we got hooked on You.

  • 4
    Nice high quality cycling pad.

    Posted by WSS on Apr 7th 2015

    I looked all over for a high qulaity sew-in pad so I could turn what ever I wanted into bike shorts. I'm happy with it and have been meaning to order another one.

  • 4
    Great Product! My bib shorts live again!

    Posted by DestinyEn1 on Feb 24th 2015

    Took the pad to a seamstress. Got it back in a few days and they feel like a brand new pair of bib shorts! My favorite pair of very expensive Pearl Izumi bib shorts live again! And you didn't believe in reincarnation")!?