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Ride Your Bike in Comfort! As cyclists, we need comfort in all kinds of weather. Depending on the weather and season, you will need various cycling clothes to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Aero Tech Designs' cycling clothes come packed with features to help you find comfort with clothing that feels like a second skin. We design our men's cycling apparel for the active cycling motion—our goal when developing cycling apparel is to help you ride longer and feel stronger. We handpick high-end fabrics and test them for durability and performance. The materials have excellent perspiration dissipation and move freely through the cycling motion. The benefits of bike shorts are absorbing shock, preventing chaffing, and enduring the dirt and elements of long road rides. We develop men's cycling clothes for all riders. We size most of our products in extensive sizes, Tall and Big up to 6XL. We abrasion test every fabric we use to ensure it is rugged enough to endure the rubbing that comes with cycling motions. Our materials are proven to provide added value to our product designs. Our high-performance men's cycle clothes are easy to wash and wear. Feel more joy when you ride your bicycle.

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Why Buy From Aero Tech Designs - Men's Cycling Clothes

At Aero Tech Designs, we specifically develop our men's cycling clothes to help cyclists ride longer and feel stronger. Our fabrics are high-end materials that enhance performance, have excellent wicking ability, and move freely through the cycling motion. As designers and fellow riders, we test and work until the garments deliver a passing consensus within our design team. We like our clothing to be like second-skin, meaning that once you put it on, it feels natural so that you can focus on the ride ahead. One big reason our customers keep coming back is for more comfort!

Shorts and Bibs

One of the most important pieces of cycling clothing that every male biker needs are a pair of men's padded bike shorts. Plain, cotton gym shorts won't do! Our padded bike shorts endure the elements of long road rides and provide three key features: *Freedom of movement *Protection from chafe and friction between the saddle *Shock absorption for the sit bones that support your weight on the bike saddle Some shorts have a fourth benefit, compression from spandex fabrics. Compression bike shorts are proven to reduce fatigue and enhance blood flow to the muscles. Our men's cycle shorts and bibs are available in various internal chamois padding. We have thick gel pads for century riders and thin, lightweight pads for elite cyclists. Depending on your preferences, we have a chamois pad for you.

Jackets and Gilet Vests

We design our men's cycling jackets to keep you dry and warm while riding when the weather isn't great. We use quality, high-performance fabrics to create our weatherproof jackets and 3M Scotchlite reflective materials for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. Choose out of our various styles:

  • Highly reflective jackets - ideal for low light and nighttime training
  • Windbreakers - The outside layer breaks the wind for chilly mornings, or outer layers
  • Thermal softshell jackets - These jackets provide the insulating layer between the windbreak and the base layer
  • High-visibility jackets - Great for road and mtb riders
  • Pack-able shell jackets - Carry them on your bike or tours; they are lightweight and pack uptight
We recommend carrying a lightweight jacket that is packable when on long rides. Packable jackets can fit down to the size of a sandwich bag to fit in the back pocket of a cycling jersey.

Cycling Socks

At Aero Tech Designs, we present a variety of athletic and high-performance socks. We design and produce luxury cycling socks made of high-end fibers. A big part of comfortable men's cycling clothing is keeping your feet dry and comfortable. The composition of our socks uses advanced moisture management fibers like Coolmax and Dri-Release. These materials dry quickly and control odor. No more sticky, smelly feet!

Bicycle Commuting

Bicycle commuting offers many physical health benefits as a form of exercise. Don't want to wear your spandex to work? We've got you covered. Our men's bicycle commuter clothing has an urban look with its loose-fitting and casual look. Our Urban Commuter apparel line is made with stretchy fabrics, reflective trims for visibility, and quick-dry materials for all-season comfort and arriving at the office with no sweat.

Cold Weather Cycling Apparel

Do you bike in the cold weather? Don't forget to keep your fingers and toes toasty warm during wintertime biking. We have windproof biking tights, shoe covers, and gloves. All these items are designed for cycling comfortably. A crucial part of men's cycling clothing is being comfortable in any weather condition. We see cycling clothing as part of your gear that helps keep you comfortable in the great outdoors. We use highly technical materials to make our cycling tights and jackets. These materials offer wind resistance, reflectivity, high visibility colors, and a stretch fit. Keeping dry and warm in the cold is a critical feature of cycling jackets. We also have arm warmers and leg warmers that are great in the spring or fall because of the rapid temperature changes that are possible on a bike ride. These removable sleeves are easy to take on and off and won't interrupt your ride. In all seasons, a high-performance sock, like our Coolmax cycling socks, keep your feet dry through all kinds of weather. Good Read: How To Dress for Cold Weather Cycling.

Cycling Jerseys

Don't forget cycling jerseys with back pockets that are easy to reach while riding. Our short sleeve jerseys are available in three different fits: Sprint, Peloton, and Premiere. The Sprint is a full zip jersey with a casual fit. The Peloton has a raglan sleeve and has a club fit. The Premiere Jersey is our race fit which is tight to the body. We are known in the cycling industry for our extensive size range. We offer our jerseys in big and tall sizing for men. Most jerseys go up to 5XL, and our tall-man jerseys feature additional length in the torso and sleeves. For more information, check out: tall bike jerseys and big men's biking jerseys. Need a team jersey for your club or fundraiser? See our Custom Printed Cycling Jerseys for your next event.

Recumbent Jerseys

Recumbent bicycles create a new opportunity for comfort with their ergonomic design that is naturally comfortable. For our recumbent riders, our recumbent jerseys include the following key elements:

  • Visibility at shoulder level
  • Seamless back and seat area
  • Stretch for freedom of movement
  • Reflective elements for low-light conditions
  • Front or side pockets for longer rides

We Value Our Customers

Aero Tech Designs is all about making cycling apparel that helps riders "ride longer and feel stronger." We travel across the country to promote our cycling clothes and gear, meeting and greeting our customers along the way. Visit us at one of the many cycling events we attend each year, and don't be surprised to see us on our bikes. We are cyclists ourselves! We have the latest technology to support our customers with fast production, fast shipping, and excellent customer service to follow up any support needed to get the most out of our products.


We take pride in our commitment to producing quality cycling apparel made here in America. Unlike our competitors who manufacture all their products overseas, we design, print, and create our cycling apparel with American hands in one of our five United States-based factories. We support American jobs by hiring local staff, and we purchase American-made materials when possible. We make excellent cycling apparel; ask our fans! We have a fantastic and loyal customer base! If you need more details on buying cycle clothing, see this article on why you need it.