Cathy's Big Ride Across America

Cathy's Big Ride Across America

Published by Cathy Schnabelt Rogers on Sep 26th 2017

Big Ride Across America

The Big Ride Across America was a huge success for all. I loved every day of the tour – and never once wanted to quit! Thanks for all the support from the people who cared for us during the tour. It was fun to train and get ready for the trip, including the equipment and supplies. Each of the 49 days was filled with joy and excitement as we toured the landscapes. Being away from home was a bit hard especially for those of us with children, dogs and missing partners. Each day’s bicycle ride full of new experiences.

The flight to Seattle with our bicycles in boxes was smooth as could be. We arrived with bicycles intact and proceeded to dip our back tires in the Pacific ocean. We started our journey, traveled across the Rocky Mountains and into the amazing American Serengeti areas before reaching the urban North East. Our tour guides from VeloSante presented high quality road maps, intelligent food and a wide range of support every day – without ever a moment of negative energy.  

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