7 Apps to Increase Your Cycling Comfort

7 Apps to Increase Your Cycling Comfort

Published by Steve Ewing on Mar 28th 2018

When it comes to apps for the cycling and fitness world there definitely is a huge selection. Now-a-days there are hundreds of different GPS tracking apps and a dozen or so “main-stream” ones. Want to find coaching tips, yep, there are multiple apps for that.  If you are looking to make indoor cycling a little less painful, you can also find an app to make that happen.  But, today we’re here to tell you some of our favorite apps that can make your ride more comfortable.  Our list includes options to watch the weather, track maintenance, select the right gearing, and even a coffee shop locator.

1. Epic Ride Weather

Have you ever prepped for a high mile ride the night before only to look at the forecast and wonder, “do I really need to bring the rain jacket?” or “will I need leg warmers after the sun goes down?”  Well, now there is an app where you can upload your route and it will breakdown the temperature and rain probability along that route.  Epic Ride Weather helps you be as prepared as possible for your ride.  This app integrates with Strava, Ride with GPS, Komoot, MapMyRide, Trailforks, and Runkeeper so you can easily load your route.  If you use Strava, your favorite Strava Segments are shown in Epic Ride Weather so now you’ll know what to expect for the weather when you get to the segment.  This is a paid app with a free 30 day, 1000 forecast trial.

2. Feedback Sports Maintenance Logging

Part of preventative maintenance requires knowing when the last time you replaced or cleaned a part.  Before Feedback Sports Logging app the best way to record was going off of time.  For example, you would lube your chain every other week. Now, with this app and combining it with Strava, you can get a push notification to re-lube your chain based off of mileage.  This is a huge benefit for any maintenance schedule.  You can also set reminders based on time.  For example, how long has it been since you added sealant to your tubeless tires.  Another nice feature is data logging.  For example, you can record how much you paid for a new part.

3. Rain Alarm

Have you ever been out on a ride, and out of nowhere you get caught in a downpour?  Wouldn’t it be great to have received a heads-up 10 minutes prior to that taking place.  Rain Alarm is designed to do just that. When you get an alert, Rain Alarm will tell you just how far away you are from the rain, the intensity, and how much of an area the storm covers.  This app will alert any precipitation including rain, snow, or hail.

4. Relive

Relive generates 3D video stories of your activities.If you love social sharing, this app was made for you.  This app can link with Strava, Endomondo, Garmin Connect, Polar, MapMyRide, and a few more GPS tracking apps.  You can add photos to your story, and then when it is complete, you can share it on your favorite social media platform.  There is a paid “premium” offer, but using most of the app is available in the free version.

5. Bike Gear Calculator

This handy app will help you set up the perfect drivetrain for the terrain you’re riding.  Calculating your gear ratio will help you match your desired cadence to the correct gearing.  This app also takes into consideration tire size, crank length, and bike specs.  A proper setup will help you put the most power down throughout all the gears.  You’ll definitely enjoy your rides more when your bike is dialed in.

6. Beanhunter

This is an obvious choice of an app to enhance your rides.  Beanhunter will point you in the direction of the nearest coffee shop.  Perfect for finding that mid-ride rest point.

7. Windfinder

Who wouldn’t want to go on a ride and have a tailwind the entire time?  Well, guess what!  We have the technology!  Windfinder has a free version that can give you current and future forecast wind patterns.  Use this app when you’re trying to figure out what to wear on the ride.  If you’re really into meteorology, check out Ventusky.  It’s a great, in-depth weather app, but it is a paid app.