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Aero Tech Gender Neutral Extend Size Solid Color Jersey - Made in the USA

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Fit: Standard Fit
Fabric: AeroDri
Product Options: Regular | Tall | Extended | Youth

Made in the USA Cycling Apparel
Sun Protection Fabric 50+ UPF Rating


Aero Tech Designs Gender Neutral Extend Size Solid Color Cycling Jersey

Big Man's Cycling Jersey in Yellow

Designed and Manufactured in the USA by Aero Tech Designs

Get comfortable riding your bike, stay dry and comfortable with this highly wearable cycling jersey. It is very comfortable to wear in the heat. GREAT FITTING cycling shirt that will not be binding or tight. This item is for big size but fits correctly, not too loose and not tight or binding.


  • Wear the soft wickaway fabric once and you will not go back to a cotton t-shirt.
  • Jersey really fits Big American sizes!
  • Fabric has a textured surface to wick perspiration away from the body.
  • This fabric is extremely cool and amazing in the heat.
  • The soft material is WickAway 100% Polyester.
  • Long 14 inch zipper to vent the heat and perspiration.
  • Cycling Jerseys arms are designed forward for cycling position.
  • The back of a bike jersey is longer than the front for the seated position on a bicycle.
  • The hem of this bike jersey has elastic on the bottom. This is to keep the jersey from flapping in the air when riding fast like down a hill.
  • This jersey has reflective trims on the zipper which is important for high visibility.
  • Factory Direct Value - No Middleman or Retailer Price Mark-up
  • Made in the USA

Product Options:


Aero Tech Designs Extended Jersey - Size Chart
  Size Chest (inches)  
3XL 48-52
4XL 54-56
5XL 58-60
Standard Sizes are available HERE  

Other Features:

Back Pockets are easy to reach

3 Easy to Reach Back Pockets - A traditional cycling jersey has back pockets for a reason. When riding you can ealisy reach back into your pockts and grab what you need. Once you get used to having them, it is hard to ride without them. Experienced riders want the pockets accessed with one hand so it is easy to gram items needed while riding - usually a snack, music player or keys.  The back pockets on a well designed garment are not at the bottom of the jersey but rather set up higher on the back so the pocket is on the small of the back.  This pocket placement prevents heavy loads from snagging the bike saddle when the rider stands or rides up hills.

WickAway Fabric is a hydrophobic fabric knitted with highly technical, extruded polyester yarns. The key feature of switching to a synthetic fabric for fitness activity is in the ability of the fabric to stay dry and sweat well. Cotton is not used in cycling apparel because it absorbs and holds sweat and perspiration. Cotton becomes wet, heavy and uncomfortable next to the skin once it becomes wet. Conversely, the wicking polyester fabrics stay dry in the heat and the cold which leads to an ideal cycling fabric. The high performance polyester fibers are soft as cotton and feel luxurious and rich.


Complete The Kit!

The Solid Color Series.  The Solid Color Unisex Jersey is great for groups!

Solid Color Short Sleeve Jersey Big Man's Solid Color Long Sleeve Jersey Big Man's Solid Color Sleeveless Jersey Tall Man's Solid Color Short Sleeve Jersey
Solid Color Short Sleeve Jersey Extended Size Long Sleeve Solid Color Jersey Big Size Sleeveless Solid Color Jersey Tall Size Solid Color Jersey

Don't just take our word for it! Check out the reviews below!

Big Man's Solid Color Jersey Reviews

Aero Tech Designs CyclewearRide Longer. Feel Stronger.

Made in the USA

100% Polyester

Gender Neutral Extend Size Solid Color Cycling Jersey

Warranty Information

Full warranty on Manufacturing Defects. Call 412-262-3255 for more information.

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