Aero Tech BIG Men's Clydesdale PADDED Bike Shorts - With Wide Chamois

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Aero Tech Designs Big Man Clydesdale Cycling Shorts Perfect for the Hardy Drafter!

Clydesdale Padded Shorts for big men

Attention all you Big Man cyclists and Clydesdale racers! Power hard while wearing these Big Man Clydesdale padded bike shorts!

These bike shorts offer complete freedom of movement with plenty of support, thanks to our performance-enhanced materials. The nylon/spandex breathable fabric stretches to move with your body through the cycling motion, almost like a second skin. The spandex also offers your muscles light compression to keep you riding longer and feeling stronger. An essential part of the design is the large Powerband leg cuff. These leg cuffs help keep the shorts in place for the ride without the use of silicone leg elastics. Reflective 3M Scotchlite design lines make these shorts highly visible for cyclists to be seen on night rides or in cases of low-visibility.

These shorts use a special chamois pad specifically made for big men so you can Ride Longer and Feel Stronger. The GreenLime NUDO 3D chamois pad is anatomically designed for the male body in the bike riding position. Its multi-density foams offer high protection and comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle. It has a fantastic fit that comes from a highly engineered design, including a four-way stretch and laser-cut rounded edges for a smooth, chafe-free feel. The surface of the chamois is antibacterial and ultra-perforated, making it lightweight, breathable, and help to prevent saddle sores for long distance cyclists.

In designing this cycling kit, we were inspired by the Clydesdale horse on an Amish farm in rural Indiana. The strength demonstrated by this big draft horse is truly amazing as a working breed immensely strong and barrel-chested. You can still see them working in the organic farm fields of the Amish people to this day. What they lack in speed, they make up in power and endurance. The Clydesdale horse originated from the farms in Clydesdale, Scotland and was originally bred for hauling and farm labor. The Hardy Drafter cycling jersey tries to capture essence of strength and stamina within the Clydesdale horse.

The Clydesdale is a race category for male cyclists who weigh 200 or more. Like its namesake horse, Clydesdale cyclists are large and sturdy, built for power more than for speed -- unlike your typically lean cyclist. Cyclists in this class participate with all the others, but compete within the category, ranking them with others who have a similar build. This makes sense in the sport of cycling, where leaner bikers have an advantage over those carrying more weight. For larger cyclists, the Clydesdale class offers an opportunity to participate competitively.

Proudly Made in USA


* Supports muscles with light compression
* Nylon/Spandex blend is breathable and durable
* Complete freedom of movement
* 3M Scotchlite reflective material
* Elastic-free Powerband leg cuffs
* Big Man-specific Chamois pad


3M Scotchlite reflective design lines for visibility

3M Scotchlite reflective design lines for visibility.

Clydesdale Shorts have plenty of cycling features for Big Men! 


ATD Big Man's Clydesdale Padded Bike Shorts Made in USA

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Clydesdale Bike Shorts - Size Chart
Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)
2XL 44-46 8 1/2
3XL 48-52 9
4XL 54-56 9 1/4
5XL 58-60 9 1/2
6XL 62-64 9 3/4
84% Nylon/16% Spandex