Aero Tech TALL Men's Elite Endurance Cycling Bib Shorts

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Chamois: Elite
Inseam: Tall

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Made in the USA - High-Quality Cycling Apparel      


Aero Tech TALL Men's Elite Endurance Cycling Bib-ShortsMen's Elite Black Cycling Bib-Shorts with Chamois Pad

Aero Elite Cyclewear

The Tall Men's Elite Bib-Shorts have a ton of features that truly make this product one of the best products American made tall size bib-shorts available. Find yourself at ease when riding long distance and long hours because this Elite bib short is designed for century riding (8 hour rides).

We use multiple fabrics in specific places to ensure longevity and comfort. The inner fabric is an abrasion resistant 77% Nylon and 23% Spandex and the outer material is 83% polyester and 17% Lycra. These fabrics together make the perfect amount of compression and comfort to reduce lactic acid. A Tall version is available that increases bib strap and inseam length.  The side panels have a six way stretch, and wick sweat very well.  There is even a hidden back pocket!  The leg grippers use a silicone drip style band which keeps the legs in place.

The chamois in the Elite Bib Short is imported from Italy, and measures 15mm at the sit bones. Inside the chamois is an Air Gel Mesh that improves shock absorptions which reduces saddle fatigue. This makes the Elite Bib Short a perfect choice for long days in the saddle. Like all our products, the Elite Bib Short comes with an unconditional guarantee against manufacture defects.

The Men's Elite Chamois Pad Elite 4D chamois pad is recommended for endurance and long distance. The Elite Chamois pad is engineered and pre-shaped using four levels. Air Gel Mesh inside the pad optimizes the shock impact and absorption. Engineered channels for human anatomy are designed for the cycling position on the saddle. The pad is thick and dense. The legs have a 3M Reflective material with maximum luminosity. The surface of the chamois pad has a carbon fiber knitted on the face with anti-static elements and multi yarn functionality that gives a soft, nappy surface that feels nice next the skin.


  • Tall Men's Specific - Long Torso, longer legs
  • American Made Compression Fabric
  • Silicone Dot Leg Gripper
  • Back Storage Pocket
  • 3M Reflective Trim
  • Elite Gel Chamois Pad
    • Long Distance Gel Pad - 8 Hour+
    • Multi-Density Air Gel 
  • Extensive Tall Sizes: Medium to 4X-Large
  • Three Color Options: All Black, Black/Royal, and Charcoal/Black
  • Factory Direct Value - Made in U.S.A.


Aero Tech Designs TALL Bib Short - Size Chart
  Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)  
Medium 32-34 11
Large 36-38 11
X-Large 38-40 11
XX-Large 42-44 11
3XL 46-48 11
4XL 50-52 11
Standard Sizes Are Available    

Tall Size Option

Men's Tall Elite Bib-Shorts

Additional Photos and Features

Men's Elite Bib-Shorts Features Men's Elite Black Cycling Bib-Shorts Men's Elite Bib-Shorts Fabric Features
Men's Elite Bib-Short 3M Reflective Trim Men's Elite Bib-Shorts Studio Model Side View  Men's Elite Bib-Short Back Pocket Detail 

Chamois Pad Information: Air Gel Chamois Pad

Men's Elite Chamois Pad Multi-Density Gel and Foam DetailItalian Chamois: Elite 4D chamois pad is recommended for endurance. It is engineered and pre-shaped using four levels and densities of pad. The Air Mesh chamois is an ergonomic pad that is a state of art design. Imported from CyTech, an Italian chamois pad expert. The shape is seamless and highly engineered. Air Gel Mesh inside the pad optimizes shock impact and absorption.  This chamois stays dry and does not compress. The surface has a Resistex branded carbon fiber that is a knitted, brushed surface that feels soft next the skin.

Two Fabric zones: One, the internal crotch area is a rugged 77% Nylon 23% Spandex for stretch and abrasion resistance between the legs. Two, the outer side panels are constructed with our century fabric that is 83% polyester 17% Lycra.

An ergonomic pad that is a state-of-the-art, highly engineered design! This chamois pad has a fabric surface from Eschler Bioactive. Eschler is the best of class for high certification standards that guarantee their ability to wick perspiration. This fabric also has natural antibacterial properties from silver ions in the yarn. The Italian made chamois pad is excellent for long distance road or mountain bike rides. It has a seamless surface design with a three dimensional combination of foams fitted together like a puzzle.  These foams are engineered to absorb road shock and act like a pillow on the saddle. The fit is anatomically designed with a combination of elasticity and density. This pad tested in the excellent category by our product development team. Color: Charcoal

The pad's face has a thin microfiber yarn knitted in three dimensions to cushion. It does not retain moisture and stays dry next to your skin. The Memory Foam is perforated for stretch and breath-ability. The elite chamois pad can be used with anti-chafe cream if needed, but the way this pad is designed, it is so great at absorbing shock, you won't need much chamois cream except for the longest, hottest days. Gender specific pads optimize the performance for a bicycle rider. This pad is for men. The combination of technically advanced fabrics, foams and air mesh create a zero friction environment for cycling.


  • Foams: Multi Density and High Protection - Engineered layers
  • Thickness: 15 mm total thickness on sit bones
  • 3 Dimensional, 10 mm High Impact Foam, 6 mm Air Mesh, 4 mm Open Cell
  • Category: Long Distance Cycling, Road or Mountain Biking
  • Size: 13 3/4 inches by 8 3/4 or 35.5 cm x 21 cm
Men's Elite Chamois Pad Features  Men's Elite Chamois Pad Measurements  Modeled Elite Black Cycling Bib-Shorts
Men's Elite Bib-Shorts in Black and Royal Blue with Chamois Pad Men's Elite Cycling Bib-Shorts in Action  Men's Elite Bib-Shorts Reviews

Complete The Kit!

The Men's Elite CoolMax Reflective Jersey has a matching TALL SIZE Elite Jerseys and Bib-Shorts.  The Elite Kit also is available in Standard Size Elite Jersey and Elite Shorts.  Some Great accessories that match the Elite Kit are the CoolMAX Cycling Socks, Tempo Cycling Gloves, and Rush Cycling Caps.

Men's Elite Cycling Kit

Aero Tech Designs Cyclewear

Ride Longer. Feel Stronger.

Made in the USA

Crotch Panels: 77% Nylon and 23% Spandex

Side panels: 7% Polyester and 13% Spandex

TALL Men's Elite Gel Padded Cycling Bib-Shorts

Warranty Information

Full warranty on Manufacturing Defects. Call 412-262-3255 for more information.

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