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Aero Tech Designs Custom | Long Sleeve Premiere Skin Suit

Product Information:

Aero Tech Designs introduces the Long Sleeve Premiere Skin Suit. With the same design as the Premiere short sleeve skin suit, it is made with the same high quality Italian fabrics and is assembled in the USA. This skin suit will give you the edge in comfort and performance because we designed the suit to prevent fatigue while in the cycling position and provide extra compression to prevent lactic acid from filling your muscles in your legs and arms. The Premiere Skin Suit uses our top of the line Elite Chamois pad and is assembled using high quality YYZ zippers.The Aero Tech Designs Custom long sleeve Premiere skin suit is the made for the most serious of cycling professionals. It uses the highest quality fabric for extra compression and it was designed to prevent exhaustion while in the cycling position.

The Aero Tech Designs Custom Premiere Skin Suit is uses the highest quality fabric and has gone through extensive testing to provide you with the comfort and support that will leave you competition in the dust.

Want a custom Skin Suit? We can Help!

Crafted with pride in the USA.

Full-Custom | Semi-Custom

Minimum 5 Skin Suits

Endless possibilities of color, text, logos, and design elements on your skin suit.

If you have advanced graphic skills, you can download the Skin Suit Template so you can design using Adobe Illustrator. Aero Tech Designs Template - Long Sleeve Skin Suit

For more information, visit our Custom Home Page or our FAQ's page! If you would like to talk to a Representative from Aero Tech Designs custom division, fill out the Request Form or email

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