Cold Weather

We have a wide selection of cold weather cycling clothing for women. These cycling clothes are technically designed to keep you on the saddle longer. Are you are trying to keep warm in the Cold Weather while trying to ride or commute by bike? Here are some ideas on how to stay warm and comfortable in all weather conditions. We suggest you create a layering effect. The first layer next the skin should be a wicking polyester not a cotton. The next layer is a puffy fleece like thermal layer that traps warm air next to the surface. The top layer should be a wind breaking or weather proof jacket that will break wind and retain the heat. Other benefits is ventilation to remove excess heat quickly. Women's Cold Weather Cycling Apparel - Jackets, Tights, Gloves etc Dressing in layers is key to winter cycling. See our picto-graphic on all the different winter layering cycling apparel designed for winter cycling warmth.  Our blog has an article on how to dress for cold weather cycling written by a pro cyclist.

Women's Cold Weather Essentials

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