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Wild Print Gel Padded Fingerless Gloves - Several Prints to Choose From

aero tech cycling gloves

Stay wild and comfortable with these fun and functional fingerless cycling gloves with gel padded palms!

  • Wicking Breathable Polyester/ Spandex Face
  • Wildly entertaining 4 Way Stretch Wild print fabrics
  • Mesh Reflective Piping for Nighttime visibility
  • Soft, Terry sweat tab on thumb to dab sweat
  • Adjustment on wrists
  • Finger Tabs on inside of fingers help remove wet gloves quickly
  • Generous padding with gel inserts that cushion shock
  • Placement of pads take pressure off the nerve
  • Three colorways:  Blue Lightning, Blur and Lava Lamp (left)

The palms of our hands can become sensitive on long rides.  The constant vibration and pressure over the handlebars can create numbness and pain.  Our hands are given sensation by two nerves. The Median nerve, gives sensation to the thumb, index and middle finger, and gives muscle function to flex (bend) our thumb and other fingers. The Ulnar Nerve gives sensation to the ring and pinky finger, and gives muscle function to the smaller muscles within the hand that allows fine dexterity (like writing and gripping things). The palm of the gel padding on this fingerless glove is designed to offset pressure on the key nerves in the hand to help prevent numbness and shock that is absorbed by riding and lifting activity.

The brightly colored top of the glove is made with a wicking, breathable polyester mesh that keeps your hands dry. It also includes reflexive piping for visibility and a soft sweat tab on the thumb to keep you looking and feeling cool. 

The palm is made of a washable synthetic (Amara) leather-like material and includes a generous amount of gel padding on the palm of the hands for comfort, with small decals for added grip.

The adjustable wrist strap adjusts to your wrist to keep the gloves secure, with two finger loops to make removal a breeze. These gloves are machine-washable, so you can easily keep them looking fresh and clean for the next ride.

multi-sportwild print spandex

aero Tech Gel padded gloves

three colorways, blue lightning, wild blur and lava lamp

Available SIZES: Small 6, Medium 7, Large 8, X Large 9, XX Large 10, XXX Large 11

hand measuring for cycle gloves fit and sizing

Tempo Cycling Glove Size Chart:
Measure the circumference of your hand(In inches)
Small: 6
Medium: 7
Large: 8
X-Large: 9
XX-Large: 10

Amara - Washable Synthetic leather palms with gel inserts.  Front has a reflective trim and 4way stretch Nylon/Spandex fabric face

Blue-Lightning Wild Print SpandexLava Lamp Wild PrintWild Print - Blur is flourescent


aero tech designs cycling apparel
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