Tall Short Sleeve Bike Jerseys

Short Sleeve Jerseys for Tall Men | Extra Length Cycling Jersey

Tall Short Sleeve Bike Jersey - We have short sleeve cycling jerseys for tall men. These jerseys feature extra length in the torso and fit perfect.


The short sleeve tall man jerseys are designed to be extra-long for tall individuals who love to ride their bicycles. Aero Tech Designs engineers and designs in conjunction with tall athletes to help develop a perfect fit for the tall athlete. Designed to fit perfect while in the cycling position the back of the jersey will not pull up and has the extra length that's needed for complete coverage of the riders back side. These short sleeve jerseys have a long torso and pockets that are designed to be easy to access for any taller individual.


Check out the Aero Tech Designs Elite Tall Men's Jersey for an upgrade in fabric and reflectivity. The Elite Line is created from All American Materials - Made in USA from Coolmax Fabric which is luxurious and super soft against the skin, keeping you cool and ready to ride. The neckline has a fourteen inch Zipper with reflective tape and a reflective tab below back pocket. Three back pockets are set up so they do not snag saddle yet are easy to reach with one hand while riding. The added length is appreciated by tall individuals who are 6'2 to 6'7. The added length in the body and sleeves provide great comfort and coverage.


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