Aero Tech Cold Weather Hood - Removable Thermal Hood

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Gender: Unisex


ATD Removable Thermal Hood for Cold Weather Protection

Fits like it was Sculpted in Your Likeness

made in U.S.A.* The Thermal Removable Hood edges around your face are bound with soft, stretch spandex material that conforms to your face so there are no gaps for cold air to slip in.

* Light and Packable. The Removable Thermal Cold Weather Hood fits easily into your jersey pockets or bike bag.

* Deep neckline and snug fit around face add a protective layer so you can play longer outside in cold weather.

* Fabulous, expert design creates a sculpted fit that wraps your head and neck keeping out cold drafts.

* Surged bottom edges lay smoothly across your shoulders and tuck neatly into your jersey and jackets.

* Snug, comfortable fit across your forehead and smooth along your throat.

* The hood hugs the back of your head and neck gently blocking out cold drafts.

* Fits comfortably under your helmet!

* Polyester Spandex fabris is insulating and supremely comfortable.


Play Longer Outside in this Fantastic Removable Cold Weather Thermal Protective Hood.

This amazing ATD Thermal Removeable Hood protects you in cold weather and feels like it was sculpted to fit your head. Wraps kindly around your forehead and throat, lays smoothly across your shoulders, hugs the back of your head and neck, and conforms softly around your face. What more could you ask for while enjoying cold outdoor bicycling, skiing, hiking or any activity that requires that extra care and comfort so you can endure the cold longer? Block out those sneaky cold drafts that distract you from your outdoor fun!

Great for Biking, Skiing, Runners, Snow Shoeing, Backpacking and any other cold weather outdoor sport!

Buy Two and Share the Warmth!


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88% Polyester 12% Spandex