Children's Bike Shorts and Bottoms

Children's bike shorts will make bicycle riding with your child a lot more fun. The youth of today have lots of energy for bicycling and most really enjoy the nature along the way.  Why not make it fun for the family to cycle and get exercise outdoors.  With a little effort and determination, kids can travel long distances. There are many young cyclists that travel with their families on long bicycle tours.  With a bit of time and commitment anyone can enjoy the bicycling adventures across the country.  Have some fun with your children on the road...

Many of today's bicycle events have a special influence on our children.  The joy of cycling with a group of friends is a priceless experience.  Pure joy when cycling in a pair of our children's bike shorts.  We have a wide variety of colors for boys and girls. Children's padded cycling shorts have matching children's biking gloves. We have a great selection of children's bicycle clothing, including matching family kits. Great Selection of Youth bike clothing and youth cycling jerseys. Most are made in USA in our Pennsylvania factory.

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