Aero Tech Gel Padded Palm - Reflective, Insulated Full Finger Cycling Gloves

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Aero Tech Gel Padded Palm - Reflective, Insulated  Full Finger Cycling Gloves

This reflective glove is designed for cold, winter activity.  The surface of the glove has a highly reflective face to bounce back light.  The surface fabric is completely wind proof  It is insulated between the reflective face the the fleece liner.  The under layer has a waterproof, breathable laminate membrane to protect from excessive moisture.  This is a four layer glove: reflective, waterproof/breathable membrane, insulation and brushed fleece.  The layers create a wind proof, insulated glove for cold weather activity.   

Soft brushed lining and a soft nose wipe are some added features that come as standard to make this a great all-round winter cycling glove.


Reflective Shell on the outside of the glove

The outer fabric of these gel padded, full finger glove is Reflective.  The luminosity or brilliance of the reflective comes from thousands of tightly aligned reflective glass beads that receive light and bounce it back.  This creates a highly reflective surface that bounces back light from car headlights and street light.  

Brushed Polyester Fleece Inner Lining

The inside of the glove is a soft, wicking polyester fabric that keeps your hands dry from perspiration, rain, and high moisture air density.  These gloves keep your hands warm, yet have an efficient air space built into the insulation to keep your hands warm.

Silicone Palm with gel inserts keep you hands on the bars

The palm area and the fingers have silicone printed surface to add grip and stability when it is very cold or wet outside.  If you are riding a bicycle the extra bit of silicone grip keeps your hands in place to prevent slippage and increase tactile prominence. Palm surface fabric is Amara, a synthetic suede fabric with a DWR water resistant finish that repels water from being absorbed.

Special soft thumb wipe for snot and sweat drips

The thumb area has a layer of brushed fleece that works to dab beads of sweat before they drop into your eyes, and can collect dripping snot from the excessive cold temps.

Touch screen Fingertips

If you need to tap your phone while busy outside, the special fingertip can work your smart phone and mobile devices.

Snug Wrist cuff

The wrist has a knitted polyester cuff the seal out the cold air. 


Aero Tech Glove Size cycle gloves
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