Aero Tech Skull Cap | Beanie | Helmet Liner with Sun Protection SPF

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Aero Tech Skull Cap Helmet Liner Beanie

The fabric protects the skin from the sun's exposure and the damaging ultraviolet rays. Using a wicking fabric creates a hydrophobic layer next to skin for extra comfort in the heat or cold. Wear this cap to protect your head from the sunburn. Included in the design is a soft and light sweatband elastic that helps keep sweat beads from dripping into your eyes.

Ideal for Bald Guys or Helmet Liner in the heat or cold

The hydrophobic fabric stays dry, so it is good in both hot and cold weather.

sunscreen beanie for bald heads

Factory Direct Value - Made in U.S.A.

made in usa

Fabric: WickAway Polyester 


Wick Away is a material that is used for athletic apparel to keep the skin dry during moist conditions. The fabric was developed to transport or "wick" sweat away from skin and into the outer layer so it can be evaporated. 


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100% Polyester Wick Away