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Aero Tech Big Man Tri Shorts

Big Mans Tri Shorts

Aero Tech designs Big Mans triathlon shorts are a comfortable, lightweight and dry super fast. We offer two different styles that you can wear while training or on race day. Both plus size tri shorts are aerodynamically designed so you can get the most from your efforts.

We offer a classic Big Mans Classic Tri Short design with a very light and quick drying chamois, this style is closer to the classic bike short look rather then a Tri only short.

Our newer Big Mans Competition Tri Short is designed for serious training and racing. Equipped with top of the line cutting edge features to help you achieve your best time yet.

Tri shorts are a necessity in any swim, bike run event. The pad that is in the shorts is just thick enough that it will keep you comfortable on the bike but will dry very quickly after the swim. This is where bike shorts and triathlon shorts differ. Bicycle short fabric usually isn't designed to stand up to chlorine. A cycling short pad is also thicker which will not dry as quickly as our Triathlon short pads. A main part of the triathlon where racers want to save some time is during the transitions between the swim, bike, run. Since these shorts offer support on the bike, comfort while running, and ready to swim in, you will not have to worry about wasting time changing.

Aero Tech Big Men's Classic Triathlon TRI Shorts, Swim, Bike, Run  Made in USA
8 Reviews
Aero Tech Men's Tri Shorts for Competitions and Training w thin fleece liner
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