Aero Tech BIG Men's Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

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Aero Tech Big Man's Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey 


This Big Man's jersey is cottony soft and very comfortable. Ideal Sun Protection too! Big Man's cycling bike jersey

100% WickAway Polyester Fabric

WickAway fabric is a material that is used for working out because it is designed to"wick" or pull the moisture away from the skin and into the outer layer of the fabric for evaporation on the surface. During cycling or exercise, your body heats up and begins to perspire.

The moisure or sweat is then kept away from the skin creating a comfort factor that is very different from wearing cotton. During exercise, cotton absorbs and holds moisture from sweat. This wet feeling against the skin becomes uncomfortable quickly.

Using a moisture wicking fabric creates a hydrophobic layer next to the skin, which is ideal for intense heat or as a first layer next to the skin.



royal big man's long sleeve bike jerseythree back pockets


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made in usathree back pocketsThis is a big man's long sleeve cycling jersey which is ideal for chilly mornings or sun protection on the arms. It is technically designed to provide comfort and utility for big guys - to help you ride longer and feel stronger on your bike rides.  The fabric is WickAway which is a high tech, high performance made from scientific polyester micro fibers that are crimped to help with moisture evaporation. 

Three back pockets are easy to reach.  The pockets are set up high enough to prevent seat snags when the pockets are stuffed full.  High quality cuffs on the sleeves and superior top-stitching details.  The technically designed fabrics have a mechanical streth knitted in to give it a good fitting design for American Sizes.

Polyester elite WickAway fabrics are designed with the latest perspiration wicking, capillary action that transports your body's moisture (sweat) away from your skin to keep you dry. Long 14 inch reflective zipper to vent the heat when you need it.  Three pockets are easy to reach on the back.  The pockets are set up high enough to prevent seat snags when the pockets are stuffed full.  High quality cuffs and superior  stitching details. 

Aero Tech Designs Big Man Jersey - Size Chart
  Size Chest (inches)  
3XL 48-52
4XL 54-56
5XL 58-60
100% WickAway Polyester