BIG and TALL Men's Jackets

Big and Tall Man's Cycling Jackets and Coats

Big and Tall Size Jackets for Men - Extended sizes for high quality product that fits great!

If you are looking for a jacket for yourself or someone you know, who is a big or tall man, you are in the right place.  We create and sell big and tall jackets for big and tall men who need a better fit than what is available off the rack in most department stores and sporting good shops.  Sometimes it is difficult to find jackets that fit big men.  Usually if big men find a jacket that fits their shoulders and chest, it will either be too long in the sleeves and torso areas or will be too tight across the belly.  This is not a good fit and will likely cause discomfort while cycling or exercising.  On the other side of the spectrum you have tall people who have a different body type.  If the jacket fits your shoulders then almost always it will be either too short in the sleeves and body or it will be way too large around the torso.  Sometimes it will be both too short and too billowy.  Both big men and tall men have difficulties in finding a jacket that fits well and performs in a functional way. 

When it gets colder outside a great cycling jacket can be priceless. At Aero Tech Designs we're no stranger to cold winters and being based in Pittsburgh PA we've experienced many. The only cure for the winter blues is to get bundled up and go have some fun on your bicycle.