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Aero Tech Designs Size Chart Details

Size Information for buying Bike Shorts

size chart information

Choosing a Size for a pair of Padded Bike shorts

The best way to help a cyclist Ride Longer and Feel Stronger, is with a pair of padded bike shorts. There are lots of choices in terms of functionality, gender and riding type. Once you pick the pair you want, the correct size is essential to your comfort. Buying too big and baggy is not a good thing when considering cycling apparel.

Bike shorts must fit right or the potential benefits will be negated. A correctly sized bike short is essential to make sure that you get the most out of the garment as a piece gear or equipment. Sizing associated with body type varies greatly from fabric to fabric. When looking at the size chart, you will be able to fit into the size bigger or smaller with varying degrees of compression. We suggest that you use the size chart and go up a size if you want the garment loose.

Bike Shorts work best when worn snug and tight to the body so the chamois padding is stretched smooth between the legs and there is no bunching in the saddle area. Choosing a size is best done by using the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

To get the correct fit for your body type, you need to understand the utility of compression from spandex that is the backbone of most bike short fabrics. The spandex in the bike short helps to compress the muscles during excercise, this increases oxygen and reduces lactic acid build up. Compression garments also help with recovery after exercise if they are kept on, they help to massage the muscles to support recovery and prevent soreness the day after exertion.

When trying on bike shorts, you cannot do it standing up straight. You would need to lean your body into the bicycle riding position with your knees bent and your butt out in a seated position like you are riding on your bike. Cycling shorts need to have longer back length so your are fully covered when bent over riding. If possible you can mount your bike and make sure the chamois pad covers your bike saddle. Until you actually ride in the bike shorts, you won't really know how you like the pad thickness or the fabric stretchability. With a good fitting pair of padded bike shorts, you may notice the thickness of the pad immediately becomes invisible and your thoughts move on to the joy of riding.


One word of caution: Cyclewear is often cut to be trim, and tight to the body unless it states differently in the product description. The tapered cut of cycling apparel is to keep it from flapping around in the wind while going down hills and riding in windy conditions.