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Women's Cycling Apparel

Women's Cycling Apparel - designed to help you ride longer and feel stronger. Get comfortable on your bicycle rides with clothing that functions like equipment with features that pad the hot spots and fabrics that keep you comfortable is all seasons. Aero Tech Designs has a full selection of comfortable bike shorts. We have a wide variety of fits and chamois pads. We have thick gel chamois pads and thin, fleece pads. No matter what type of bicycle rider you are, we have something that will work for you. Check out the informative pages on the how padded bike shorts work and our women's chamois pad options. If you are looking to add some comfort and performance to your bicycle rides...Check out our women's cycling apparel below.

Women's cycling apparel is designed to create comfort when you are outdoors having fun on your bicycle. There are many choices of women's cycling apparel that address comfort, warmth, chafing and fit for a female's unique needs. The products we show here can be broken down into type of cyclist. A casual and beginner cyclist needs a nice stretchable garment that moves without chafing during a bike ride. A women rider who is moving up and getting better at the sport needs an engineered chamois pad for the saddle are and garments that protect from a variety of outdoor weather conditions. Long Distance women cyclists like to use a thicker elite chamois pad that helps cushion the butt area and protect from chafing. There are lots of different cycling adventures yet to experience. See an overview of women's padded bike shorts.  Enjoy your rides!

The goal of the women's cycling apparel is to help a rider to ride longer and to feel stronger. The technical design elements add comfort and utility. One of the features to help a women ride longer is compression. There is lots of information on compression and why it matters on the internet. But to give you a brief overview, it is all about fresh blood flow to the working muscles. Keeping fresh blood flow helps to bring fresh oxygen and energy supply to your muscles. Compression also helps with recovery with it's gentle massage that helps to work out lactic acid buildup after working out.The more you ride your bike, the more you need to protect from all the elements of being outdoors. The weather changes combined with variety of terrain in a daily ride means your cycling gear needs to meet a lot of conditions.

The best way to build a wardrobe of cycling apparel is to buy pieces that build up a layering strategy. Layering starts with a wicking first layer made from a polyester or other hydrophobic fiber. The first layer keeps you insulated and dry. The next layer is your jersey which often needs to have features like pockets, reflective elements and possibly a highly visible design so that you are noticeable to others on the road. After the jersey, a cyclist needs a variety of jackets. One jacket should be a windbreaker that is lightweight, packable jacket that you can carry in your pocket. It can be worn or taken off and stowed easily. The other jacket essential for a cyclist in a waterproof breathable jacket that can be worn in a variety of weather types, including rain, winter and windy conditions. The same goes for a pair of tights or long pants. Two pair are essential for all the weather types, one a lightweight spandex stretch tight and the second pant with windproof fronts and thermal insulation. Lastly, is the gloves, a pair of fingerless gloves is ideal for most riding, but in the cold weather your fingers are the first to get cold. You might get a pair of insulated, windproof gloves and possible a pair of liner gloves to wear inside for insulation. For cold weather riding, you might also get tip toe socks liners and booties that cover the shoe and keep your feet dry. There are so many choices.

Check out our pictogram on Winter Layering Techniques for cyclists. Keeping comfortable while riding in all weather conditions is essential if you want to find more joy during your bicycle rides.  We love to ride and want to help you find more comfort, so you can ride longer and feel stronger. 

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