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Women's Cycling Shorts

Women's Cycling Shorts - Lots of Styles

Looking for a bike short? We have regular size women's cycling shorts on this page and Plus Women's Cycling ShortsWe use comfortable stretch fabric so you can have freedom of movement. If you ride more than a few miles, you might consider a padded underwear short that will cushion your ride. If you are a road rider or want extra comfort, we have several long distance pads in a variety of densities or gel within the chamois. Want to quickly see the differences? Cycling Shorts Overview for Women Women's Road Bike Shorts are Sold in a variety of styles and brands. Read more about how padded bike shorts work. Read More Below...
Women's padded bike shorts are engineered for three main functions, to provide shock absorption, freedom of movement and abrasion control while riding. Women's chamois pads typically have a thicker center in the chamois while men's chamois pads have a cutout. Most Bike Shorts are made from stretchy spandex fabrics that offer compression for muscle support and freedom of movement for the cycling motion. Bike shorts are rarely made from cotton because the abrasion breaks down a cotton short quickly. High performance fabrics are used that are knitted with nylon or polyester yarns that are rugged and comfortable for the cycling motion. Women's Cycling Shorts.

Women's padded bike shorts have many options. The link above will provide you a great overview of some of the types of padded shorts available for sale. There is also more information on the details of the women's chamois pad options so that you can see some of the types of chamois pads that are sewn into a pair of women's padded cycling shorts. Their utility for cycling is best understood when riding more than 10 - 15 miles at a time. During longer bicycle rides, the "sitting" bones in the pelvic area start to become uncomfortable. Other areas of discomfort come from the abrasion or rubbing from seams in underwear. Bike shorts are worn without underwear and the pad is next to the skin, the design of the chamois pad inside the short prevent this type of rubbing or abrasion commonly referred to as saddle sores.

women's wild print bike shorts