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Aero Tech Men's Urban Commuter Apparel

Aero Tech Men's Urban Commuter Apparel

Aero Tech Urban Pedal Pushers - Bicycle Commuter Apparel

Bicycle commuting is a form of transportation with many benefits. It is an ideal way to save energy and restore our physical health. Using your bicycle to get to work or school is a great way to enhance your joy each day.  Modern cities have mixed mode bicycle commuting where public bus systems carry bike racks.  These are called a "bike bus."   This cooperation was recently achieved in Pittsburgh, Pa through the efforts of Scott Bricker at bikepgh.org.    All of the major bicycle routes in Pittsburgh have access to bus transportation around the city. This is especially beneficial because The Great Allegheny Passage (part of a Bike Trail that starts in Washington DC)  leads straight into the city of Pittsburgh. So, all arriving cyclists can commute via bus anywhere in the city with their bicycles safely stowed on the front of the public buses. 

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Bicycles are used for transportation and commuting all over the world.  China and the Netherlands are both deeply endowed with bicycle infrastructure.  In the U.S. bicycle commuters have been at risk on public roadways, so there are hard-working advocates who are dedicated to allocating a portion of our transportation budget to make space on public roadways that are safe for commuters.  Ideal roads separate auto and bicycle traffic.  One example are the green trails that keep commuters safe from motorized vehicles. 

A separate bicycle lane is the best and safest commute through city streets rather than as traffic participants.  Many motors do not have an acceptance of cyclists on the same road as automobiles.  This risky mindset is mitigated when a cycle community designates roads as "share the road" with signs, share-arrows and road paint until the bike path is an accepted part of the local traffic patterns.  Join the movement for better bicycling.  http://www.peopleforbikes.org/

Bicycle commuting offers many physical health benefits as a form of exercise. Today's bicycle commuting clothing has an urban look with it's loose fitting, casual look.  Commuter clothes are technically designed for riding your bike in an urban area. Most of the Urban Commuter Clothing has stretchy fabrics, reflective trims for visibility and quick dry materials for all season comfort.   Also see our  Women's Bicycle Commuter Apparel.