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Chamois Pads

Chamois Pads

Convert your shorts into padded cycling shorts with these crotch pads.

Each pad is specially designed with high tech, high performance materials to make your bike rides more comfortable. Get technical details on our chamois pad overview All styles available, thicker "butt pillows" and thinner spinning and triathlon pads. We also have the larger pro bike short pad available which is our number one most popular pad with our customers. This pad is antibacterial and stays dry during bike rides. These synthetic chamois bike short pads are sure to please every type of biker. We use luxury Italian chamois pads, and every pad is the highest technology, proven performer for durability and comfort. Note: Just like Bathing Suits, Used Crotch Pads cannot be returned.

aero tech chamois pads


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Padding for bicycle shorts are called chamois pads

CyTech (pad designers) states that a great pad will have these features:  WELL-BALANCED ELASTICITY - It should have elasticity that adapts to the shorts fabric and to the movement of the cyclist.  VARIED DENSITY - It should have different densities to provide different levels of protection and support for different areas of the body.  CORRECT POSITIONING - The different densities and thicknesses need to be correctly positioned according to precise anthropometric parameters.  VARIED STRUCTURES - Different shapes for men and women cyclists because of the different conformation of their perineal and genital-urinary areas.  ANATOMIC DESIGN - The design should allow the bikepad to adapt to the cyclist's anatomy and guarantee maximum protection during movement. 

Cytech chamois padding for mini bike shorts