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Men's Compression Clothing - Shirts, Tights and Shorts

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Men's Compression Clothing - Shirts, Tights and Shorts

Men's Compression Clothing - Also great for Sun Protection

Men's Compression garments are worn by many athletes because of the proven benefits that can be achieved. It has been proved that these garments enhance performance for athletes who exert significant energy during workouts. Your working muscles get the gentle support to keep them in place, and reduce movement and vibration.  The muscles are gently compressed or massaged by the spandex and mechanical stretch of the fabrics.  The fabric helps to squeeze muscles in and out like a sponge to bring in more oxygen from fresh blood circulation.

The Men's Compression Clothing help to keep your muscles warm. The compression also helps to reduce the lactic acid buildup in working muscles. Especially, if the garments are kept on for an hour or two after exercise. The spandex compression also helps to stabilize muscles and vibration during activity - which helps increase power. We all need more power when working out! Can also use compression wear as a base layer or sun protection from UV rays.

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