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Cold Weather Cycling Apparel

Cold Weather Cycling Apparel

Cold Weather Cycling Apparel - Tips for Winter biking:

1. Keep your fingers warm with a windproof glove and / or liner gloves for extra insulation
2. Insulate your toes with a toe tip warmer next to skin and neoprene shoe covers. Carry Toe warmers or wear shoe covers.
2. Use a Base Layer next to skin to insulate and have added thermal (fleece) layers so you can vent or preserve body heat.
3. Use a variety of winter cycling jackets for wind blocking, rain protection and reflectivity for visibility
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4. In very cold weather add leg and knee warmers give an extra layer of warmth.

Do you bike in the cold weather? Brrr... We like to keep our fingers and toes toasty warm for our winter time biking. Now, you too can cycle in comfort with our windbreakers and cycling jackets. We have biking tights that are windproof, shoe covers and gloves. All these items are designed specifically for bicycle riding comfortably. Get Comfortable cycling in the cold weather. Good Read:   How To Dress for Cold Weather Cycling.

cold weather cycling apparel

Get the latest advice on layering and see an overview of a variety of product selections that support layered dressing for cold weather cycling. 

Two of our favorites? Toe covers and  Reflective Cycle Tights