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Big/Tall Men's Cycling Apparel

Big/Tall Men's Cycling Apparel

Big and Tall Cycling Apparel

Having trouble finding Big and Tall cycling apparel? We have a large selection of big and tall cycling shorts and jerseys that fit the plus size figure in a variety of colors and patterns.

Aero Tech Designs Big and Tall Cyclewear is cut fuller for superior fit. Our Big Man jerseys will fit up to 5XL that will fit fantastic. Our Tall Man jerseys have extra length in the torso and sleeves. Our Big and Tall cycling shorts are built to help support your muscles while riding your bike. With our Big and Tall cycling apparel, you will ride longer and feel stronger in comfort. Read More

How to Shop in Big and Tall

What's the Difference Between Big and Tall?

If you measure larger in the chest, neck and shoulders, you are considered a Big Man. Such men do not fit in the standard sized cycling apparel and mostly face the problem of finding the right fit for them. Those jerseys are either too tight on the chest or too saggy. At Aero Tech Designs, we understand that struggle, which is why we cut our Big Man jerseys for a fuller, superior fit. So, the large men can now enjoy shopping for cycling apparel which fit them appropriately without compromising on size and quality.

Tall men are normally of heights measuring 6 feet 2 inches and above. They have longer arm lengths and torso compared to average height men. Like the Big Man, tall ones also have to face several issues while looking for cycling apparel that fit perfect. Some of the most common issues are finding a cycling jersey that reaches the waist or having long enough sleeves. Aero Tech Designs Tall Man section solves that problem. Our cycling jerseys have extra length in the torso and sleeves compared to the regular fit to properly fit the tall men.

What if I am both Big and Tall?

Some men have characteristics of both Big and Tall. That is, they measure larger like a Big Man and they have long arms and body like a Tall Man. But even this is not an issue. There are new ranges of apparel available in sizes which fit such men ideally. If you are big and tall, look for sizes such as "XL, XXL and 3XL and tall". These sizes are meant to fit you well because they are broader from the shoulders and chest and have longer sleeves and torso.

Tips and Pointers

Now that you know the differences between Big, Tall and Big and Tall, you can start shopping. Start by selecting from our wide variety of cycling wear offered in many styles and color choices. Yes, we said color choices! We know for years Big and Tall cycling apparel came in few colors, but now thereís so much more to choose from.

One suggestion when shopping for Big and Tall cycling apparel is to look at the measurement charts, especially for outerwear such as jackets. These fabrics are less stretchy than those used for jerseys and shorts. If youíre unsure something will fit, contact us. And if you do order something you love and find that itís a bit too small, too big, or too long, let us help you exchange it.

At Aero Tech Designs, we donít think about big and tall as anything different from our normal design process. When we design a new product, itís assumed it will go to at least 4XL. We have become the leaders in providing every body type with a wide variety of comfortable cycling apparel, and we maintain a very reasonable price while accommodating all fitness levels. Thereís no need to have to shop on multiple sites to get apparel to fit you or everyone on your cycling team. Choose from big, tall, big & tall or standard sizes in a wide array of styles and colors.